ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions – Highlights

stimulant medication can be a godsend try it if it helps you keep taking it if it doesn't help you stop it what could be simpler Oh rid little McKinnon is on me and all that right but there are consequences to not treating the ADHD but you're also stimulating the brain in terms of feel-good if I can find some water it would be a wonderful thing who among us doesn't want to feel good over the past seven years we've interviewed over 70 knowledgeable ADHD experts as well as scores wonderful people who have ADHD or who know someone and love someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder well now we've distilled down all 50 hours of interviews to create this comprehensive overview of ADHD medication video 1 introduces the core concept that underlies everything you'll hear medication is simply a tool one of many that can help you with ADHD this is a tool they can use it when and how they want the world look different in part 2 we look at the sometimes deadly costs of not treating ADHD untreated ADHD can steal your life away it's not that ATD drugs are without risk but the risk of not treating is enormous many of them doing the same things that I was doing self-medicating part 3 delves into the logistics of medication which medication should I take how much how often for how long what does it feel like will I be zombie and I promise you that the first thing we try will not work I want you to know that this is how visit these are your choices this is how they work in part 4 we address questions of fears about safety side-effects abuse addiction and well every possibility that you can imagine and some scary things you might not have considered I think the concern about addiction is a big one that was the drunk didn't want to try me on found that I couldn't deal with the side effects and finally part five brings us back to the idea that medication is a tool and though it often makes the biggest difference in managing ADHD it is at best a foundation a catalyst a support that allows you to create your own holistic blend of tools the pills alone won't do what you want them to do 100% taking medication puts your brain in a state of mind where you can develop the skills build the habits get your life in order there is something here for everyone whether you're considering medication for the first time or coming back to medication after a break or you're still experimenting to find that right one for you perhaps you're already using medication but you just want to know more or you really want to get maximum benefit you're gonna find real value here and doubtless you'll discover many aspects of medication that you've never considered trust me made such a difference with me that my life is turned around it's the only way like 180 degrees you


  1. TotallyADD should update the YouTube channel with more videos besides trailers. I really like these videos and I wish that more are made, but not everybody can afford to buy TotallyADD products or some would even want to see parts of the series before buying it.
    I really want to understand more about my disorder and I really hope to see more from this channel.

  2. I have not addressed my ADHD with drugs. I am otherwise mentally ill. But as far as sleep I wear a sleep mask to insure that I get the best nights sleep possible. Otherwise I have a hard time sleeping and my eyes wander to every little thing.

  3. This issue is usually controversial, polarizing and divisive. Getting the "straight dope" from the Pharmaceutical industry is virtually impossible… and there's no shortage of judgement withing groups of friends or families on the subject of prescription ADHD medications. Know for a fact that didn't take a dime from Pharma (in sponsorship or influence) to make this video series and I can't wait to see it!

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