Adrienne Allen, MD, MPH – Internal Medicine – North Shore Physicians Group

My name is Adrienne Allen and I practice at
North Shore Physicians Group. I’m originally from New Jersey and I moved
to Boston to go to Boston College. I went to medical school at the University
of Rochester and really enjoyed my time there but really wanted to come back to the Boston
area so I came to do my residency and Brigham and Women’s hospital. Afterwards, I did a fellowship there in primary
care and general medicine. I always liked taking care of adult patients. I really enjoy hearing the stories of patients
and it is the one field where you can have such a long term relationship. You have that patient forever and you work
with them as they see specialists in cardiology and surgery and you get to touch all those
aspects and you can advocate for them and you can help explain things in a way that’s
different because you’ve known them longer. You know their stories; you know what’s important
to them. I am really interested in prevention. I also really enjoy chronic disease care—diabetes,
high blood pressure, COPD, trying to help people live a regular life while they have
an illness. I am an avid gardener so nutrition, gardening,
and healthy cooking is an interest of mine and I like to share that with the patients. In the summer you can find me at Crane beach. In the winter you can find me skiing at Loon
in New Hampshire. I really wanted to get back to being in a
town, being in a community where people live and work and I think that’s what drew me here. That’s why I am excited about coming to the
North Shore.

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