AdvantageCare Physicians | Faces of Care: Dr. Amita Vadada

They’ve dedicated their lives to caring
for us, but they’re also our neighbors, avid travelers, sons and daughters,
fathers and mothers. This is their story, “Faces of Care”. My name is Dr. Amita
Vadada and I’m an ophthalmologist. I’ve always known that I had wanted to become a doctor. I love finding a common ground with people and making a connection with
them and I also love puzzles and solving puzzles and so for me being
a doctor was very natural because it was just part of who I am. I chose
ophthalmology because I first and foremost wanted to make a difference in
someone’s life, and vision is such an important part of the human experience
both physically and emotionally and so the ability to return that experience to
someone, the gratification there is amazing. I remember the first cataract
surgery I did as a resident, the patient prior to cataract surgery was hand
motion so he can only see hands even and when he would come into the office he
was very solemn. His body language was very sad and unenthusiastic. After cataract surgery he was 20/20 in both eyes afterwards and his personality
and just who he was completely changed. He was excited and enthusiastic happy
and it was just so rewarding and humbling to be part of his
transformation. So I always always look back to that
first surgery and it was you know it’s a great reminder of why I chose
ophthalmology. I also love ophthalmology because I love operating. I love the
manual dexterity involved, I love the challenge of micro surgery and I love
the progress that our field has made even within the last 10 years.

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