Advice for Studying Medicine

if you could give one piece of advice to young people considering the medical field what would you say one piece of advice I would say do some type of volunteering somewhere along the routes in which you actually observe you know some some surgeons sometimes they'll let you into their office or you can go into the operating room and look over their shoulder make make sure you can that the you know the the blood or whatever doesn't doesn't gross you out because that really it really affects people not all of all of medicine is not is not all blood psychiatry radiology well interventional radiology can be bloody but but yeah there's there's other areas where you don't have to go to a Shock Trauma Center and and be a trauma surgeon if you go to medical school so yeah they're there other areas there's there's research pathology not all pathologists were like I don't know anybody I'm dating myself Quincy I'm you know you don't have to be a pathologist that's a medical examiner it was easy for me to make a decision because I was in Texas Ellen Terry I had a quite a successful construction business going and something similar to what happened in October happened then and that was a big recession so graduate school started look good and and the one that fit my needs personality and background best was that was Chinese medicine and it was a decision I think that was a good one but I just a quick thing about anybody even if you get into those people are looking for medical school dental school oriental medicine or whatever the key thing I would say is that the people who are a hit in these businesses also have a very good economic sense so you'd be real smart to get into the kinds of things which make people successful like saving 10% of your money taking economics courses investing a working part time even if you have the money to go to school full-time you should try to get on scholarship so you have that ability to work with other people and learn how to handle money because all that people in the medical field are notorious for being lousy with money because generally they have quite a bit of it and they don't know what to do with it so a smart approach is to be real handy with your with your life management skills and your money management skills and that way when you get you can retire at a reasonable age you

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