Affordable Medical Services

good information Thank You Jennifer now all this week as we wake up to savings on health care we have highlighted ways you can save on medical costs so this morning our consumer expert Amy Davis is back with major discounts and some of the most common tests that your doctor might recommend Amy yeah for a lot of people they might have to get regular blood tests so it’s not just a one-time thing and people need blood test to check for everything from organ function to blood sugar levels to infections and even with insurance your copay could be up to $100 especially if the test is not something your insurance plan covers but I discovered a way you can pay as little as three dollars a test link to is a direct-to-consumer lab you log on order the blood work your doctor says you need and pay online you print the forms to take to the quest Diagnostics lab most convenient to you they draw the blood and within two to five days your results will be available at the link to labs portal they’ll also fax the results to your provider if needed now here’s the best part a hemoglobin a1c test that cost one channel to viewer 100 bucks every few months is just five dollars on link to labs that’s a savings of 95% link to labs can help uninsured hepatitis C patients get free medication if they do some pretreatment labs tests that normally cost about two thousand dollars are just 64 bucks on link to labs next Thursday you can get a free heart screening at your local CVS there’s no appointment necessary to get your numbers for cholesterol blood pressure blood sugar and your body mass index you don’t need an appointment but you do need to download a voucher to take with you we’ve got the link for you on click to Houston h-e-b has free blood pressure and blood glucose screening every second Saturday a quarterly diabetes screening is $19.99 and a cholesterol screening is $29.99 and April is oral cancer awareness month it’s why every Saturday in April University Oaks dental on San philippi will be offering free oral cancer screenings to the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on in the consumer section we’re also linking you to a list of all of the clinics in our area that do low-cost dental work year-round that’s also where you’ll find the link to link to labs and every service that we mentioned here information yeah and that link to labs is really I mean like a goldmine yeah that can give you a ton of money big week of savings Amy appreciate that

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