Agent of Change – Kate Hoy, Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

I didn’t like how there were no effective ways to treat cognition in disorders like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia and so, I decided to change it. One of the research studies we’re doing is a clinical trial in Alzheimer’s disease. We have patients who have mild, to moderate Alzheimer’s. They come in and they sit in a very comfortable chair and we apply magnetic stimulation to their brain. That involves holding a coil over the area of the brain we want to simulate. We send magnetic pulses through that coil, and we’re able to increase brain activity. We don’t just want to improve their ability to remember a list of words, we want to make their lives better. If we do get an improvement in memory, are they actually able to improve in their day to day lives? Monash have been incredibly supportive in allowing me to pursue these really innovative ideas. I feel in many ways I’m only just starting to scratch the surface of what I think is possible for these disorders and I’m excited to be able to keep doing it.

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