Agent of Change – Natalie Trevaskis, Monash Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – Drug Delivery

The treatment for diseases like cancers, Type 2 diabetes, inflammatory disease are often worse than the disease itself. I didn’t like that, and I wanted to change it. When you administer a drug, it will go to all tissues in the body and it can cause side effects in some of those tissues and toxicities. A better way to deliver a drug is to encapsulate it in a delivery system that takes it, almost like a magic bullet to the site of action and then it just has the effect that you want. We’ve designed drugs, they’re called pro-drugs. So, they’re drugs linked to a fat, and when they’re absolved they go straight through the lymphatic system. No one’s ever tried to treat obesity by targeting the lymphatic system and that’s where our research is new and exciting. Monash in the last couple of years have been ranked number two in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology and it’s a really exciting place to be. You get to contribute a lot to research in the pharmaceutical area on a global stage.

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