1. this is another band who dont want to realize that hardcore is been dead yeeeears ago, matter fact hardcore died when minor threat stopped playing, point blank! and please roger please! stop singing you suck man, you lost it years ego, retired from hardcore with dignity.

  2. I'm a recovering heroin addict. NA meetings couldnt keep me clean with all that talk of being powerless over your addiction and giving your life to a higher power. what DID save my life from the cycle of addiction is HARDCORE and its message self-empowerment. I'm clean today because of hardcore.

  3. No it is not. Drugs is a term that encompasses legal drugs, including pharmaceuticals that help you, nicotine and coffee. Also, current illegal drugs can be used as medicine, including cannabis, and psychedelic drugs such as psychedelic drugs.
    LSD was in the 70's as a medicine against alcoholism, and other psychedelic drugs can be used as self medicine. Please separate between ABUSE and USE.

  4. this is the only music which talks about not using drugs and still is incredibly awesome, thats why i love it, you dont need to do drugs to have a good time with music this music has a point and stands for alot.

  5. @bullhurley74 yeah, but that's not addiction. that's a healthy way to drink. a lot of people can't drink that way, though. they can only either get completely wasted every day or not drink at all.

  6. the top comment about drugs=shit is lozing its thumbs up so that means not evryone thinks the same about it

  7. @tel107 but beer aint as bad as our ignorant elders made it seem.. fuck straight edge.. i work and enjoy a pint befor sleep….R.I…PAWTUCKET STREET GESTPO 02860/1

  8. El batero de esta gente es genial! Soy de Costa Rica y tuve la dicha de verlos en vivo! Son espectaculares!

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