Agribition Calving Simulator

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 47th
Annual Canadian Western Agribition. I’m here with Carolyn Cartwright. Carolyn, what are we doing today? Well we’re here with the University and we’re
doing a calving model, so we’re using our simulating cow, Agnes, Canadian Western Agnes,
and she’s co-owned by the Canadian Western Agribition and the Western College of Veterinary
Medicine in Saskatoon. So what we’re going to do today is get this calf out of there, in front of a live audience and teach them how it’s done basically? Right, so we’re teaching the students, most
of them are either here with their families or on school tours, and we’re just getting agriculture
out into the public and showing them what a veterinarian and veterinarian technologist
would do to aid a cow in birthing a calf if they’re having difficulty. So how has the public been responding to this
demonstration so far? Well every demo we’ve had has been packed. It’s been great reception and we ask for a
couple of volunteers from the students and some of them are pretty engaged in it. And it’s great, we’ve got good interaction
with the students and just show them the reality of the agriculture side. In terms of teaching future veterinary students,
how huge is a creation like this for your schooling? Agnes is a great asset to us, obviously if
you take a student out and you’re doing an actual live calving, you can’t take the time
to have ten students give it a try. It’s an emergency situation, you’re trying
to get a live calf out and also have a good result with a healthy cow, so this enables
us to maybe malposition the calf and have it positioned with maybe a head back or leg
back or more complicated deliveries. So it allows for those students to practice
their skills or learn the techniques for doing that on the model prior to going out on rotation,
so it’s a big asset for our teaching and our simulation centre. So what you want to do is kind of wiggle one
leg, than the other. I’m going to go in and make sure she’s not
hanging up. Oh she is trying to bite! So now the calf is going to drain a little
bit which is good to get that fluid out of its mouth Then down she comes, there we go. We got her out! Yay! So you want to get the calf breathing… Mom’s kinda tired but the calfs out, it’s alive.

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