AHH- NICU High Alert Medications Safety Practices

hi geezr are drugs that have the highest risk of causing injury when misuse for example of some of high alert medication which we are today in IV admixture units D but also phosphate motifs of chloride calcium gluconate sodium chloride which have a fourteen point six one percentage and magnesium sulfate in any prescription containing a high alert medication we should follow the following we should make independent double checking of the patient confirmation then independent public checking of the dosage calculation in independent public chicken of the drug preparation finally independent bubbly checking of by nurses of drug administration high alert medications are identified by the pharmacy department review the hospital formulary for a look-alike and sound-alike high alert medications carefully review of how the products are arranged and shelves to avoid similar package or look-alike medication being side by side use of Tallman letters first sounded like and look like names example dobutamine and dopamine for arranging items on shelves and on Wipro if applicable concentrated electrolytes are debuted in the pharmacy IV admixture unit and are kept in the wards as floor stuff magnesium sulphate concentrated solution is not kept in wives as first the pharmacists will label the medications as high alert medication using auxilliary red label the patient's high alert medication should be kept in a secured lock medication cabinet if the high alert medication is requested for a specific patient the following will be implemented the pharmacy should enforce independent double check on dosage calculation and adjust those before processing any order refined number one four to five point three three sheriff Lana Tamara would be five and a half five mill a covenant and room temperature 30 cc per hour which is the future rate then we will sign for correct label information after this one we will net check again this is d5 in half-normal saline five mega again we will attach then we were high electrocution axillary level in force independent double-check at bedside by to appropriate staff and documentation when in doubt consult with the doctor on duty the head nurses of each unit will check the high alert medications available as Ward's talk on weekly basis the pharmacy staff who is assigned to do the floor staff inspection every month will ensure that the weekly checking of high alert medications is done and properly documented by nurses

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