1. Ok so in a sense i am an inverted car snob? If you drive an expensive car, I will think you are awful
    If you drive a shitty banged up hooptie, you will earn my respect.

  2. my favourite homiletic pop intellectual777benefiting off the logistics of capitalism777but at least not an obscurantist

  3. My father was a doctor and enjoyed that status. Then he developed a brain tumor and all of the society people who held him up as King came to his consulting rooms and got their file and dumped him. Priceless lesson for me 👍

  4. I am so glad I came across this and in just the right time.You never fail to make me feel better and I can honestly say you're my favorite philosopher of all time. Not only because I can relate to someone with whom I share the same century with but because you put everything in such a perspective that not only does it become funny but also very meaningless. I am so glad I found you.Listening to you talk puts me at ease.You are the teacher that I always wanted but never had.You have a beautiful mind.

  5. Jordan Peterson’s discussion of how serotonin production and processing – thereby our actual enjoyment of AND ability to enjoy life – is linked with other’s and our own perception of our status. I discovered this directly after contemplating my own example of how this had impacted my own life and emotions. So I find it a very interesting and important conversation and very real issue.

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