Alcohol for plants and garden | Top 5 Uses of Alcohol on Plants | Beer and Wine Hacks

Hello Friends! Today we will look into a Weird but an interesting
topic � Alcohol in Gardening. The Benefits of alcohol and the effects of
Alcohol on plants. I shall Talk on both Ethanol (Drinking alcohol
like beer, wine, vodka) and also on Isopropyl alcohol � also called as Rubbing Alcohol
which is usually used as a bathroom disinfectant. Coming up.. This topic is also for those who have a habit
or dumping or throwing their left over drink on garden plants. So First we will list out the Top 5 uses of
alcohol in garden and plants. 1. As a Pesticide: Rubbing alcohol can be an
effective pesticide for use against Aphids, mealybugs, spider mites and whiteflies. Please note that rubbing alcohol if applied
without dilution can burn the plants. For this you need to make a spray solution
of 1:10 dilution in water. First do a patch test on a leaf and then spray
on the plant. Leave it for 4 to 5 hours and then rinse the
plant with water. Repeat after a week if necessary. 2. Weed Killer: Whether it is drinking alcohol
or rubbing alcohol, both work as weed killers and the action is faster with higher concentrations
like Vodka in case of drinking alcohol and rubbing alcohol when undiluted. 3. Rubbing Alcohol can be used to Disinfect your
Cutting Tool or pruner in growing plants from cuttings. Hydrogen Peroxide is an alternative. You can also disinfect other garden tools,
germination trays and pots with rubbing alcohol. 4. To Trap or kill slugs and snails in Garden. You can use Beer to make a trap under the
soil and slugs and snails are attracted to it and fall in the trap of beer. 5. Other insects like fruit flies, cockroaches,
etc are also attracted to fermented beverages like beer and wines and hence these insects
can also be trapped. Just keep a beer can partially open and insects
attracted, fly in and drown into it. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on the possible uses and effect of alcohol in gardening. This is actually a weird topic and I thought
will share this info with you, just for the sake of some general knowledge. If you liked the video, please give a thumbs
up and share with your friends on social media. Also feel free to comment below the video. Happy Gardening!


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