Alexandra Messerli, MD, Internal Medicine Physician, Williston, VT, UVM Medical Center

(gentle upbeat music) Hi I’m Alexandra Messerli. I’m a physician in general
internal medicine and geriatrics at The University of
Vermont Medical Center. (gentle upbeat music) So my philosophy of care is about helping make patients
understand their health and manage their conditions, and make decisions that
make sense for them in terms of their overall, in terms of how they want
to live their life overall. (gentle upbeat music) The most rewarding
thing about what I do is making connections with
patients and their families, whether that’s just being a rock for them when
they’re getting through, and someone they
can trust and rely on when they’re getting through
a difficult diagnosis, or motivating them to make a life change that really has a positive
impact on their health, I think that’s the, those kind of personal connections are the most rewarding thing that I do. (gentle upbeat music)

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