Ali Gardner | Family Medicine

Hi I’m Ali Gardner and I’m a PA at North
Memorial Health. I wanted to become a PA because I wanted to help people. I really
liked learning about medicine. I planned on going on to medical school but then I
was in the Peace Corps so I lived overseas for a few years and then I
worked in the nonprofit sector for a while and what I really found through
those experiences was that I liked I liked working with communities but I
really liked individuals and I liked learning about what makes each person
tick. One thing is I really like working with people from different cultures. I
really know from a first-hand experience what it’s like to speak a different
language, experience a different culture where it’s not just the language it’s
really this cultural transition so now being back in my own environment I enjoy
working with people who are going through that. We only know as much as the people that we interact with you know and so you really have to kind of read
between the lines with people and try to figure out where people are coming from.
it’s like every time when you knock on the door you kinda just have to take a
deep breath and and know that you’re experiencing that person and that’s
their time that you’re giving them cuz they’re coming here because they
want me to listen to them and they want help and they want to know what they can do to alleviate whatever symptoms they’re having.

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