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The GPhC inspects all pharmacies in
Britain. That’s currently over 14,000 pharmacies across England, Scotland and Wales. So what happens when we inspect a
pharmacy? When we inspect pharmacies we are looking for evidence that our
standards for registered pharmacies are being met. During an inspection we are
looking at whether the pharmacy is: well run has enough staff with the right
skills and training, is clean and accessible, provides medicines and other
services to people safely and effectively and whether it protects
people’s privacy and confidentiality. My name is Jooman and I am one of the inspectors with the General Pharmaceutical Council. Normally when I go into a pharmacy I’m
looking for evidence to show that the pharmacy are meeting our standards for
registered pharmacies. I will introduce myself to the team ask about the background of the pharmacy so the number of items the services they deliver and that can just help guide the inspection. Through the inspection I will just look
for evidence to show they are meeting all of the standards. We’re now moving to unannounced inspection, so we’re no longer so we’re no longer notifying the pharmacies that we’re
coming and this is really important because the pharmacy needs to meeting
the standards every single day. We are now publishing inspection reports for all inspections that have taken place since April 2019. You can find the reports
on our new website. You can search for any pharmacy in Great Britain to see if it has a report published. The report will tell you what we found in the inspection and the outcome from the inspection. Each pharmacy receives a
clear and simple overall outcome following the inspection. Either standards met which means that the pharmacy has met all the standards for
registered pharmacies or standards not all met which means that the pharmacy
has not met one or more of the standards for registered pharmacies. The pharmacy will also receive one of four possible findings for each of the five principles
within the standards for registered pharmacies. The four possible findings
are standards met where the pharmacy meets all the standards good practice If the pharmacy performs well against most of the standards and can demonstrate positive outcomes for patients from the way it delivers pharmacy services. Excellent practice Is where the pharmacy demonstrates
innovation in the way it delivers pharmacy services which benefit the
health needs of the local community as well as performing well against the
standards. Standards not all met The pharmacy has not met one or more
standards Pharmacies which have not met one or more of the standards will also be asked to complete an improvement action plan setting out what action they are planning to take to improve against those standards. We also have a knowledge
hub on the new website where you can find examples of notable practice the inspectors see during inspections. To find out more about inspection and to see the reports and resources take a look at the new inspection publications
website. Go to:

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