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  3. i am normally not to bad but now that my wife packed up an left my anxiety is the worst ever in my life not knowing when she will come back. So horrible. I am reading a book on CBT and trying to watch videos for help

  4. Thanks for this information. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks, I am trying to rewire my brain to think positive thoughts for my automatic response to situations. Do you think this is possible?

  5. You need more excitement in your voice or I need to learn to pay attention better when people aren’t excited lol

  6. What is presented here are not CBT techniques but a pseudoscientific method of EFT which lacks any rigorous empirical evidence for its effectivity beyond the placebo effect.

  7. I definitely think about the negative and I always admit that but I call myself a realist but it obviously doesn't help 🤔

  8. This is the best video on cbt so far! For people who cannot afford therapy, or who are waiting in lines and still looking for the right therapist, this changes everything! I can start working on my issues TODAY, and i don't need to depend on anyone else. Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel like it saved my life!

  9. 55:00
    With NLP you could also say the sentence in reverse (or mix up the words entirely), "Swine yourself kill and go!". Adding music can help too.

  10. take any therapist with years of experience and create a distressing situation for them they will not be any better at coping than anyone else this is partly because the situation or the world is the cause of our distress and we are in constant dynamic interaction and reaction to it all – the idea that its just your thinking or interpretation sounds psychotic and its also an idea that works well for us by power because why bother creating a world in which human beings can thrive when all you need to is engage in what David Smail referred to as magical voluntarism

  11. if we consider what comes first in human development , its it feeling or thought – feeling obviously – then consider free will and determinism try for a moment to stop your own mind chatter? impossible right, this is because it happens to us, we do not really choose this or that thought or feeling they happen to and through us so how then are we meant to somehow rationally weigh up a multitude of stimuli most of which is out of our awareness and control and somehow control our thinking and feelings.

  12. Notes for self (full post http://www.parasuniversal.com/2008/07/all-cbt-cognitive-therapy-techniques-anxiety-depression-ocd-trauma-psychosis-with-summary/)
    – write 3 good things that happened and some detail about it
    – try put words to the thought that’s really bothering you.
    – Good and bad Column and put more in the positive column
    – look for positives in the bad things that happened.

    – gradual exposure very little by little
    – NLP Swish pattern: take image of what you’re scared of and zoom it in and out really fast for a few times. 20:00

    – look into EFT tapping. My cousin used it a lot. Reduces pain and cut down phobias. Tapping while being very specific about what’s bothering your as the wording is important.

    – Write down everything that happened in as much detail with the feelings you had and in order so you can do this on the computer. Talk to as many people as you can which people usually do. The more you repeat it the more you're sharing the burden and the more your brain processes it. May sound simple but very effective. If hand writing leave lines between noted so you can add more.
    – Use EFT.
    – Write in one column what you feel. Eg I’m a little shit. Write in the second column all the arguments why you are not.

    – Expose your self to the behaviour and try reduce the behaviour.
    – Remember the intrusive thoughts are usually exactly the opposite of what you want to do or are.
    – NLP swish technique.

    – With intrusive thoughts just keep arguing with that voice and you’ll get better at negating them.
    – With delusions see what you can accept what the person is saying and try to find valid arguments to see if you can negate or prove your point.
    – With voices loudly and adamantly say what you want to negate the voice. Speak over it or right after.

    Meta cognitive therapy:
    – If your can’t stop thinking of the pink elephant try to stop thinking about what you want to think about. I want to think about how strong I am so I try to stop thinking about how strong I am.

  13. iI had severe phone anxiety due to a stutter that developed from being over prescribed Setraline. I thought that this was me for life. I used your technique to overcome this and I am now the proud owner of a new smart phone and can use it without any anxiety whatsoever. Thank you for changing my life. What a lovely man you are.

  14. You are so knowledgable. Thankyou for this video. I am a therapist myself and your explanations make so much sense

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  16. That anxiety technique around the 24:00 mark was super effective. This video was very helpful in general.

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  19. We don't have to worry as much as in the stone ages? You obviously have never lived in an abusive home, lost your job, then lost your house and have no where to spend the night. All that with three kids in tow. NOW – I worry all the time because I know how fast things can change.

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