1. Joe Rogan still struggles with grammar. It is likely that these results were a fluke. Read "Fooled by Randomness" to see why.

  2. @2:33 is that showing that they number of words they recalled went from 11.2 to 12.7? So for 67/month you can recall 1.5 more words? Seems a high price to pay for 1.5 words remembered, but I'll probably give it the 'ol college try and see how it effects me.

  3. Clinical study! Hahahahaha! you have got to be kidding me? this bullshit doesn't work. I mean Cmaaaan! I'm extremely sensitive to any drugs trust me, I would know if it did anything. and it doesn't. can I get my 40 bucks back? of course buyer beware I'm a firm believer so whatever. but since I know that it doesn't work, and I'm a real stickler for the truth I need to tell people. I guess you got to make a buck, it's not going to hurt anybody but it sure the hell ain't going to help anybody except to lighten your wallet.

  4. Love Rogan but god damn. How is anyone supposed to take this shit seriously when at 1:38 you can't use proper grammar between then and than and you can't even spell bachelors on a "scientific paper". Jokes.

  5. earth grown nutrient based nootropic is considered the best, i have tried over the counter shit and they all mess up my brain.

    racetams are super effective but not worth it, when you take a medicine which is supposed to be given to someone who has a ADHD,Alzheimer's,Amnesia, for making you smart it just ends up giving you OCD type state.

    ginseng and brahmi work for me. i will try this product some day looks convincing and tests differently compared to other companies

  6. not all products and supplements work for everyone but I loved alpha brain! training muay thai it helped me memorize my combinations with ease and that made my reaction and timing improve. I definitely recommend this product

  7. not all products and supplements work for everyone but I loved alpha brain! training muay thai it helped me memorize my combinations with ease and that made my reaction and timing improve. I definitely recommend this product

  8. Ive been on this for about a month. At first, i didnt notice any effects except for headaches. Then i tinkered with the dosages and timing, this led me to find my balance… Which is 1 pill a day in the morning or at noon with Krill Oil & Choline (My Source: Eggs, Kale, Spinach or chicken). What i think happened to me was after I experimenting with different dosages and timing, i randomly started to notice a better recall of names and small but important things better and more often. I use lumosity brain trainer 3x week and I exercise at least 3x a week. And i drink lots of water! I try to read a chapter of a good book a week. So training my brain along with feeding my brain is making my stronger. The focus is still not as great as it was when i took Optimind, but i still think this is a great product.

  9. The words recall result is nice, its not through the roof, but nice, like >10% improvement.
    The latency results are somewhat feeble, clearly latency goes up from start point for the aB group. Sure it goes up even more for the placebo group but that graph on their site is rather unconvincing on the matter of reaction time improvement. (Amplitude part I didnt understand.)

    Bit disapointing they would trumpet the latency part of the study so much at their site when in reality all that study shows is more or less randomness regarding that.

    BTW, latency going up in this study I understand from personal experience from having done something of this nature once. The first time I´d really consentrate on it, the next time I felt quite bored about doing the same thing again and sure enough results were worse also.

  10. Hey guys i took this yesterday for the first time after searching high and low. And have tried other racetams. This kne worked for me.
    It took about an hour to kick in. So far i love it. It helps support the way i function. 👍👌 from me. Very happy so far. I just hope it does not depleet.

  11. I love alpha brain and I use it daily, but for some reason I have a feeling it has some unknown side effects. 

  12. onnit needs to bring back the older version. being over 200lbs i have to take up to 5 to feel anything. keep the regular one and then bring back the old one as the ultra version. seriously up to 5 capsules is way too much to be taking at once

  13. Onnit has to be the most underrated supplement and food company out there. These people are using nothing but plants and natural ingredients to give your body the nutrition needed to work at its full potential. They are even getting third party, totally neutral scientific companies to put their products threw actual clinical trials. People really need to be careful as to what supplements their taking. When a company comes out with a "supplement" there isn't any governing body telling them they need to prove that they actually work or do anything or are actually healthy for you. Onnit is actually paying the however many thousands of dollars it is to get their products clinically tested. This is a company that we can actually trust. When you really think about it that's extreme hard to find in the capitalist industry we are currently living in. Give these guys and girls an Onnit a chance. Try out their products and I swear you'll feel a difference. It's time for us to look for companies like this, not only for supplements but for everything we use in our lives. Let's stop settling for convenient and easy and cheap. That's not what we want our great Country to be about. Not anymore. Thank you Onnit. Thank you for all you're doing. People will look back 20 years from now and you will have been the beginning or something truly amazing. I truly believe that. Namaste

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