Alumni Reflections: Chris Jones – MBChB Medicine and Surgery

my name is Chris Jones I graduated from the University of Birmingham medical science and medicine and surgery and I’m now a doctor working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for me the best part of being a student at Birmingham was the unrivaled support I received to pursue my own interests and further my career in the direction of my choosing and this was provided to me in a number of ways whether that be through financial support and scholarships and through advice and mentorship but the end result has been not just that I have the first-choice job that I wanted now but that I’ve taken those first few vital steps on the career ladder to my eventual aim becoming a fully fledged academic doctor I was presented with a number of transformational opportunities whilst a student at Birmingham but I think the most important one for me was having the advice and the support of the University whether that be free mentorship or through the financial support that they gave me to do six separate research projects over six successive summer holidays and I did some of these in Birmingham and I I did some of them in institutions across the UK and even got the opportunity funded by Birmingham to do some research at Harvard and these have really helped me to set up my career and they have great experiences as well when I look back at my time at Birmingham there are a number of memories that I think I’ll always treasure including travelling to sri lanka to work in a hospital as part of my elective and making new lifelong friends but i think actually my favorite memory was being invited by the university to a drinks reception at the House of Lords and this past the Alumni leadership mentoring program and as part of this I was not only able to sip champagne with some of the university’s most prestigious alumni but I was also then mentored by Professor Sir Charles George he was one of the UK’s most eminent academic doctors and this has proved tremendous for furthering my career for me being at the University of Birmingham always meant being passive and exciting and diverse group of students but as a member of the alumni now it means I think a different relationship and it means being part of a wide network of people who can help support me in my future career but I think I’m still part of the university community as a whole I’m and enjoying giving back now by mentoring some of the other students who are still at Birmingham I’m very fortunate in that I have a job as an academic doctor so I’m not only involved in caring patience here in the Kiwi hospital but I am also involved in teaching research in the medical school but we’re not doing that I think I’ve missed the University campus and I said the one piece of advice that I’d give to a student starting at Birmingham now is to work hard and to seek out and take advantage of new opportunities that might be outside of your comfort zone I did this when I started at Birmingham and I didn’t know that the specialty or the direction that I wanted to go in in my career other than be a doctor but actually by doing something outside of my comfort zone and by applying for a scholarship in my first year of medical school I achieved lots of new experiences across the world that I would never have thought I would have had before and I set up a career pathway that I’m now thoroughly enjoying you

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