Alumni Spotlight: Daronte Malone – Medical Assisting

Daronte Malone: My
name is Daronte Malone. I took Medical Assisting at
the Ohio Business College. [music] I chose Ohio Business College
because I have had a few friends come here, and they told me
how great their program was. With my schedule, I
wasn’t sure about it. After I talked to one of the
recruiters, they told me a lot of good things, and about
their night program, too. For my externship, I was located at
the Avon Mediclinic in Elyria, Ohio. I was actually doing
urgent care work. It was all traumas that
could happen, and that could be easily solved
over on Urgent Care. I did patient stitching;
patient education. I helped set up x-rays,
EKGs and blood draws. With the training provided
at Ohio Business College, I was able to use the
electronic health records that actually a lot of
people weren’t too familiar with, that they thought I
wouldn’t know over there. We had a huge Wi-Fi
outage over there. We actually didn’t use our laptops or
anything here for our paper charting. When we resorted to paper charting, I
was a little bit ahead of everybody. The advice I would always
give to the incoming and existing students at
Ohio Business College would be, “Don’t give
up when times get hard, you’ll always be able
to make it through.” [music]

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