Am I Sober If I Take Medication?-148-video-2019

hey everyone this is the untwisted voice thanks for stopping by and watching my video blog if you can take a second can you please subscribe to my channel I'd really appreciate it thanks again for stopping by you know is that a meeting the other day and I thought meeting a topic was brought up and that topic was are you sober if you taken medication I know I was taking medication when I came into the recovery I was on antidepressants and I remember walking up to my mentor at that time and he told me three things he says as long as you're on medication you can't work the program you're not sober and I can't help you and I remember it's almost like he punched me in the side of the face because in those days I would have done anything to stay sober and I respected people in recovery who had long-term recovery and this person did had very long-term recovery and I really respected that person I took it to heart I ran home I dumped the medication down the toilet and I flushed it away in about two weeks later I went to see my psychiatrist and he gave me shit about it totally teri no no because you need to be on medication you need to be on medication those people in 12-step programs don't know what the hell they're talking about I am a psychiatrist I am a bona fide medical professional so you're not doing anything wrong take the medication and you are sober and you told me that and you know I'm not gonna waste too much time with this video because it's because it's a no-brainer medication is an outside issue when it comes to recovery programs it really is a lot of people are coming into recovery with a lot more going on than just alcoholism I had depression there's people out there with depression there's people out there with anxiety schizophrenia OCD there's a lot of people coming in with mental illness that use alcohol to self-medicate to self-medicate I know a lot of people including myself who was on medication that had great programs that have great programs I went off it in about three or four years i wean myself off and went back to my psychiatrist and he told me I could go office so we wean off in about three or four years I was off it my medication free but I would not hesitate to go back on medication if I was told by a doctor I really wouldn't hesitate I know people who have schizophrenia anxiety depression who are on medication that have great great programs they have great programs so to my opinion if you're on medication if you have a bonafide prescription by somebody in the medical profession you are working your program 100% do not let anybody tell you prescriptions medication is an outside issue it has nothing to do with the program okay I'm gonna leave that that this is the untwisted voice of teri cheek and as usual look after yourself because it shows and I'll see you next time thanks for stopping by

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