AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Conference

it's my hope that through conferences like this one where we bring together some of the foremost thinkers in the field we can arrive at places we never dreamed of the conference's overarching goal is to stimulate discussion and collaboration in closing the gap between current physician training and the needs of our evolving healthcare system medical education is an ecosystem it's about a group of schools working together and create a system of education that better meets the needs of our patients and of our healthcare system this is too big of a job for one medical school to do the collaborative allows the opportunity for each of them to take what's best of all the programs think about what the national healthcare needs are to think about the underserved the underrepresented the underinsured out in the population figure out ways that we can bring innovative change to that model it's about the ideas the influence and the tipping point that we need to reach to be able to really bring about the kind of change that we all envision it's trying to jumpstart the process improvement that we want to see in the healthcare system using our very very talented and Purpose Driven students and helping them understand that being a physician in the 21st century it looks a lot different than being a physician of appointment something can we immerse them from day one and make that the learning experience for these learners not only because it's important for their future but because we want them to help solve the problems that we're all facing for work differently in the century needs to learn differently so I think we need to start talking to engineering schools and business schools and community leaders in nursing and physician assistant programs and begin to provide truly authentic diverse learning experiences for our students we're going to be able to individualize the curriculum for every single medical student the second thing we're going to be able to do is to produce lifelong learners where we need to move as a professional educational environment is that feedback is constant ongoing repetitive low stakes from the beginning so that when the clinical environment happened the student doesn't fear the emerging technology has kind of taken hold in this community the IU School of Medicine is creating a virtual health system using a teaching EMR to help our students learn about systems based practice we have intrinsic barriers all around us to change in the future so at this stage the question should not be how about this problem the question should be are these aspirations great enough

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  1. The platitudes sound good, but what about creating teaching programs for the patients where there is a week long immersion program where they actually learn how to eat better food, shop intelligently and healthily, and incorporate exercise and yoga or meditation into their lives?  The Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery was one such program for heart patients and their families.  
    Also, Dr. Gabriel Cpusens in Arizona has a wonderful residential program for reversing Diabetes which teaches and supports patients in lifestyle change.

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