1. It's simple. Do what Southeast Asia does: Execute drug dealers. They deal death. They are as guilty as murderers. Also, we're making it worse by legalizing the gateway drug of marijuana, which almost always leads to opioids. Pot dealers should get life in prison, and as for heroin dealers, lethal injection would be a poetically fitting punishment.

  2. There is nothing worse than these wiggers and their rap music acting Black. Can't stand these little bastards. The women that are with them are worse than retards. Retards have an excuse.

  3. If you or someone you know has been affected by the disease of addiction come find online support with people who care. Find us on Facebook @ No Addict Left Behind. No judgments just love and acceptance. You don’t have to be ready, you just gotta be willing.

  4. Hate me if you want, but the majority of the comments here just show that the victim mentality is king in our world. Compassion is helping someone, while holding the individual completely responsible. Your pass, your failures don’t determine your now. You learn and grow through your mistakes. Believe you me – I know about the power of sin – but I also know about the transforming power of JesusChrist. How is it – that an act of repentance and forgiveness will set the worst of sinners free. I’m not referring to organize religion or institutions. Some of them are good , some are bad. Nevertheless- no person can clash with Christ and remain the same. If u try to seek help in a”church” and you’re offer good intended philosophy/ psychology- u r in a powerless place. Nothing is impossible with & through Christ. Just don’t lie to yourself with religious jargon. I’m a witness of 35 years. I’ve never experienced a greater high -than the love of Christ.

  5. How is this "americas problem" or a "drug epidemic"? How is this the governments fault? People need to stop bitching about America and start taking responsibility for using drugs instead of saying its the system blah blah blah. Just don't do drugs, simple as that.

  6. Black and Mexican kids die all the time from these drugs why is it so important now that its white kids dying?? Maybe America will understand we all need help

  7. the issue is that the healthcare system in this country is absolutely disgraceful. Most of the World at this point have a better system than the US. In the US it is just a business. No one, not the doctors, not the insurance company or the pharmaceutical industry have any interest in you getting better… And the politicians are in cahoots. Good luck… The US.. only country in the World where you need a good fund me to pay your medical bills.

  8. the dad seems very aggressive. no wonder this kid started taking drugs. there's no compassion like the mom has. the dad has a very aggressive angry tone and demeanor. he's a nut case probably beat the kids . he was so happy to say he screamed at her.

  9. opioid is a new name for heroin.a heroin epidemic from mexico.its pouring cross the border which seems to be wide open.weak drug addicted American are the real problem.forget rehab.a jail cell with a drain is all they deserve.

  10. It is inner personal. Love, gudance, humanity-treated as a human not just a work machine, emotional knowlede, communication, knowing yourself, setting goals, making choices, having a support system ect, nurturing affection. Human needs. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. self awarness. spiritual development. People need humanity.

  11. Yes brother you are right my indian is more adicted tha drug provided black cmunity so every country baned black people then we save more life

  12. People are missing God in their life trying to fill a void. Praying for them I never had the urge for drugs and alcohol because my parents taught me to lean on God for my problems,! You can't make it with life stresses without God!

  13. What a substance that you can choose the drug and death over your family and children. Thanks doc for the prescription. I trust you buddy. Aren't doctors wonderful? Fantastic drug dealers. So wise.

  14. I lost my sister to dope after I got clean hardest thing to endure then my best friend non drug user to a car aaccident and honestly smoking weed has kept me from going back not habitually but once twice a day and working and reaclimating my life and not focusing on my past helps, suboxan manedgement helped allot too

  15. How come there were resources to sent black and Hispanics to jail but white addics go to rehab I Don't feel sorry for any white addics be strong I was and don't like the cowers most of you are

  16. Too everyone who has overcome an addiction and is in a good place , I have the upmost respect for you and wish you the best. Don’t listen to people who don’t know what it is like to go through something like this. You are human and beautiful and deserve a happy life. ❤️

  17. If my brother or sister ever spent my parents entire life savings I’d kill them. This guy is pathetic and not all of it can be blamed on addiction. If he was any sort of decent human being he should have walked away.

  18. Get more bang for your buck . Doesn't sound like the person you believe was stolen by drugs . Sounds like some one who asks for trouble and gets it . Put them all on an island away from real people . These are lost souls and a total burden on real people . These are ghouls not people . A waist of tax payer's money saving these losers .

  19. I was addicted to fentynal for 4 years, the first 2 years all I did was snort, but it waznt enough, with all my user buddy's shooting up it was only a matter of time. I shouldnt be here, i overdosed more times than I can count, but eventually enough was enough. I have a good job, with health insurance as a benifit, that helped me eventually get into a suboxone clinic. Its expensive, and not everybody has health insurance, or the money to keep up with the Drs appointmemts and bills, but I did. I've been clean for 3 years now, but its a curse as well as a gift. Life goes on, im back to "normal" I have an amazing family and still have a good well paying job. People say because I'm on suboxone I'm not really clean, but in reality I am, I'm no longer injecting opioids and all I do is smoke pot now. All my old user buddies have died of overdoses, I'm the only one left, I always tell myself I shouldn't be here, but I am. My message to you if your stuck in that dark pit, suboxone does help, if you can get on the medication it will keep you level, worry about tapering off later, cuz for now, that shot of dope could be your last

  20. Interesting article about Purdue Pharma, owned by the Sackler family, who are one of the big companies responsible for this epidemic: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/feb/13/meet-the-sacklers-the-family-feuding-over-blame-for-the-opioid-crisis

  21. Wow, I’ve never seen a more fucked up comment section in my life. People here are literally acting like all white Americans are rich people who don’t fall victim to the corporate and government crooks who benefit off of pill mills. I agree that the crack epidemic was a fucked up situation but to act like the majority race is somehow getting preferential treatment by random other white people is just not true. These are families who are dealing with drug addicts and no one else can help them. They’re doing it all by themselves just like the black community dealt with the crack epidemic in the 80s. And this is excluding all the poor white people that got fucked over by the crack epidemic.

  22. I agree hate the double standard it’s terrible. We can’t go back in time to change that terrible epidemic, but we can change this. Although this is affecting white Americans we still have to help and put the spotlight on it to raise awareness. And it’s not fair to be upset about the awareness bc even tho it’s u fair we are still losing lives and we can’t stop just bc this whole situation is unfair.

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