American Health Care/アメリカの健康保険

what's up guys it's video today I'm going to talk about American healthcare and it's a big topic and I will talk based on what I know and a little bit of comparison between American healthcare and Japanese healthcare so let's begin so I've been in delay for about 12 13 years now and I've never had a health care other than the one that I got from the college while I was in college some sort of small insurance that they provided don't really remember but I had something while I was in college but other than that basically no health care at all the entire time and some of you might know most of you probably don't but I have my own business here and it's been about eight years or so now and I decided to let it go and go back to Japan sometime next year and there are multiple reasons why I decided to do that and I will make a separate video why I decided to do that but one of the reasons why I decided to do so is the health care so um I never really thought about getting one up until a few years ago you know because of Obamacare people basically have to pay a penalty if you don't have a health care once a year um but so I was doing that for a while and then a few years ago at some point I decided maybe okay I should check out what they really have because I've never even did any research so I did that about a few years ago and they gave me multiple options but like the cheapest plan was about a couple hundred dollars or so a month and which is about a couple thousand dollars a year and but for that what I would get was basically like $5,000 deductible and then after that like maybe 20% a support by the health insurance but 80% on my own kind of like that and then the the more expensive the plant the better support you get but insurance obviously but even like one or a few better plans there were they look pretty similar so for those of you who don't know what deductible means but the deductible is like basically if the $5,000 deductible meaning up to five thousand dollars it's all you health insurance don't help you at all up to five thousand dollars it's out of your pocket and then anything above $5,000 days they finally start helping you but still up to let's say like $8,000 so they help you with just 20% of the cost and then so 80% by yourself and then above that maybe they will help you a little more like 40% so that's what I was offered when I did the little research few years ago and I was really shocked to be honest because if it's $5,000 deductible like what's that point like unless I get something big something cost me like ten thousand dollars or something it basically doesn't really do anything I just can't go see a doctor for something small you just don't you just can't use the health insurance so like it's all basically all on you so I thought that was such a waste of money and so I thought it's better for me to just pay the penalty for like thousand dollars or so whatever a year instead of wasting a couple thousand dollars that's not really helpful and I have a friend who husband and wife who own a restaurant and they have a health insurance and they pay $2,500 a month together for both of them which is a lot a lot twenty-five hundred dollars a month which is about thirty thousand dollars a year but what they told me what's really shocking because pain that much of money for the insurance it doesn't really do anything um so the husband got a cut on his finger injury that needed to be stitched and apparently costed about a couple of thousand dollars and then that was completely hundred percent out of his pocket because apparently even though they're paying $2,500 together so I guess like twelve fifty each twelve thirteen hundred each it just doesn't cover anything up until they're deductible as to $2,500 or $3,000 or something so when he got cut injury needed to be searched he had to pay on his own the health insurance he has that she pays what 1213 hundred dollars a month just did not do anything for this injury and then another time he apparently has some sort of trouble with his eyes and he had a he had to get a shot on his eyeball and that apparently costed again couple thousand dollars I gained a hundred percent on his own when they pay like together though but like the thirty thousand dollars a year and it just doesn't help them at all but in the mean time though okay so there are some friends that I know who work for good company as an employee not like employer compared to the restaurant owners that I just mentioned on for these guys that I know who work for a big corporate they get a really good deal one of them I know pays about $150 a month which is apparently a seven hundred dollars a month to land and there's no deductible so anything that he needs to go to a doctor basically it's all covered and so I was really surprised with that and then another friend also doesn't pay anything company pays all the coverage and I don't remember the details but his plan was also really good so what I'm trying to say today is that as of 2017 summer it is really difficult to cover yourself if your company doesn't support your health insurance so if you're a part-time worker or if you have your own business it is really really difficult to get a good deal health insurance but if you work for big corporate they got hundreds of or thousands of employees so um I guess it's easier for those companies to get a better deal on each worker so based on my own research it looks like it's definitely better idea to work for a big companies so like basically what I've said is that if you work for a big company you're lucky agreat you get a good coverage and if you don't forget it because it's it's just it's just not worth it if you try to get yourself covered what you will get is just a crappy options to be honest from my own research that's what it looks like and one more thing about American healthcare that sucks is that there are lists of hospitals and clinics that you can go with that specific health care that you have so it's not like you can go to any hospitals or doctors your options are limited so the first question that they ask you an American Hospital is that which healthcare do you have and like no joke because that's what matters I thought it's a good topic share even for the people who live in America but also for outside America planning on coming to America you know maybe trying to study work you know whatever the reasons that you guys have but I think it's important to look at the realities to not only looking at good things about also you should consider or keep in mind that you know there are some important things to know also ahead of time so like I said in the beginning of this video I wanted to talk about a little bit of a difference or comparison between American healthcare and Japanese healthcare so in Japan please correct me if I give any Roma information because I've been away from Japan for a while but from what I know in Japan it's a mandatory government-owned healthcare everybody has one and then everybody has the same health care basically and then good thing about Japanese healthcare is that you can go with this same health care that everybody has you can go to any doctor's any clinics and it covers from head to toe like eye doctors dentists to like regular hospitals and clinics and all that except for like plastic surgery and stuff like that but in general all the medical costs are covered but 70% by the government so you only paid 30% on every and any visit you there is no such thing deductible I used to pay like couple hundred dollars a month or so that's probably based on your income too um you know healthcare was not really necessary when you're young obviously but when you started getting older you start feeling sort of basically insecure you know uncomfortable not having health care and I started feeling very uncomfortable with this situation whereas in Japan for something very little you can go see your doctor but here if you hesitate to go see a doctor for a long time that little problem can become a very big problem and can be too late and I was thinking like you know how Japanese have like the one of the longest life expectancy and when I learn about Japanese health care I was like okay this could be one of the reasons why Japanese people have a one of the longest life expectancies because Japanese will always go see a doctor for even something small to you know to confirm that there's nothing wrong with that so it's always better chance for them to find a small problem in the early stages whereas in America there are a lot of people who don't have healthcare hesitate to go to go see your doctor for something small and tend to be you know become a bigger problem in a lot of cases – they so that I thought could be another reason why maybe Japanese people or in the countries where there are a good health care might have a better longer life expectancy because of that but like I said if you are working for a big corporate you guys are probably thinking like were you guys talking about like no problem with my healthcare you know I'm sure like you have nothing to do with that but Donald Trump is trying to do and whatever but even if he comes up with something better or it doesn't have to be Donald Trump maybe someone after comes comes up with something better than what it is now I still don't think it'll get to the level of what Japanese healthcare is so for me to live in Japan is not safer option I think you I'd say it's about it today like I said earlier if I gave any wrong information please correct me or like if there's anything that you want to add is right in the comment down below thank you for watching have a good one

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  1. Ancient and Homogenous Societies have little problem supporting government benefits programs. Here in the so much.

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