American Health Care Act Barely Passes in House

one of the things that amazes me the most about politics particularly Donald Trump as a politician is the ability to say anything and have someone believe them and we see that today with the healthcare conversation the American Health Care Act that was passed by the House of Representatives on a very close margin 217 in favor 214 voted against all of the House Democrats voted against it with alone with twenty House Republicans voted against it and it just barely passed you would have thought that they passed a bill that is the not only the best thing that America has ever done but that is going to specifically help Americans in the realm of health care with the language that came from Donald Trump with the language that came from speaker Ryan with the language that came from the House Majority Leader McCarthy it really you really would believe that they passed something that is specifically aimed at helping people in fact we have a couple of tweaks here that I from Paul Ryan and from the House Majority Leader that says just about as much on your screen now if you look at it it's Paul Ryan said about this health care bill he said it's verified that the mcarthur limit strengthens the AHCA protects people with pre-existing conditions and this to me speaks to not only the power of political political spin but also speaks to the willingness of our political leaders to outright deceive us and I know the most outlets don't want to use the word lie but this is a pure deception and what was passed today was they billed that according to the Congressional Budget Office before the amendment was added was going to cost twenty four million Americans access to health care 24 million fewer Americans will be able to access health care based on the bill that went before the MacArthur a minute I put emphases on that because as of today we do not have a CBO score for the current bill that was just passed by the House of so we honestly don't know how hard or how bad the Americans are going to be hurt by this bill but they gathered in the Rose Garden they gathered around the president and they celebrated as though they had done America the greatest greatest benefit possible the reality of it is is that if we drill down on in the reasons why would they push a bill that they've spent less than eight weeks planning working on why would they push a bill that has not been scored by the Congressional Budget Office and when it was scored by the Congressional Budget Office clearly demonstrated that it was going to hurt more Americans than it was going to help why would they push a bill that is unpopular extremely unpopular to try to repeal a bill the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare which is gaining in popularity every day someone learned something new about the ACA why would they do this it is because of the unfettered ego of our President President Donald Trump more than anything else he wanted to get a win he was desperate for any legislative win that he was going to push this through even though they failed previously even though it fell in a spectacular fashion Donald Trump was not going to let go until he got a legislative win and not just any legislative win mind you a legislative win that would begin to unravel President Obama's legacy this is what Donald Trump's wants Trump wants more than anything else in addition to that the House Republicans led by Paul Ryan they have a separate agenda from Donald Trump the House Republicans have an agenda not only of repealing and attempting to replace Obamacare but they have a vested interest in passing this legislation because they wanted to get it done before they went home they are getting ready to go an 11 day recess and on that 11 day recess it's very possible that they would have to face town halls they would have to face their constituents and if these legislators got legislatures got a chance to go home and had to face an angry townhall then it's very likely that they would never have voted for this legislation and so they rushed and did everything they could to get it through sooner than later not only do they have a vested interest in getting it done quickly but they have a vested interest in the amount of tax dollars that are going to be cut the tax savings for the wealthiest in America keep this in mind at the expense of the elderly at the expense of special needs students according to the New York Times at the expense of the poorest among us inside of this legislation is a tax break and so of course this fits the worldview of someone like Paul Ryan because above anything else the most important thing for him is to serve the wealthiest of the wealthy in America but that's what you already know what troubles me the most is their willingness to look us in the face and tell us that up is down and down is up what's good is bad and what's bad is good they're willing to deceive us without any hesitation and without any reservation and so Paul Ryan's claimed that the Magatha bill is actually designed to help with pre-existing conditions the reality of the mcarthur amendment rather the or mcarthur amendment actually exposes people with pre-existing conditions to the whims of the individual state and the state now has the ability to decide what what help what what benefits are going to be offered what health benefits are going to be a priority what health benefits are going to be mandatory the state now gets to determine it for itself so not only are the elderly vulnerable but people with pre-existing conditions are vulnerable all while our leadership yells at us and tells us that they're doing us a favor a tweet from House Majority Leader McCarthy went out today and he said the AHCA will cover those with pre-existing conditions while decreasing the cost of health care overall I believe that this is probably the most deceptive because there is a waiver that can be received by states that will give insurers the ability to evaluate someone based on pre-existing conditions if they're able to lower premiums or if they're able to broaden the pool so we're Makara this the House Majority Leader is saying that you're going to be able to do both and the reality of it is it's either or you're going to be exposed if you have a pre-existing condition but this does not stop them from celebrating this does not stop them from telling you that it's good it does not stop them from telling you that it's a repeal when in actuality it is not a repeal there's just an attempt to give tax breaks at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society and this is where we are in fact this is where we have always been we have always been in a place where politicians have looked us in the face and said one thing while doing something entirely different the American Association of medical colleges put out a statement in regards to the bill that was passed today they said the most recent amendment does not protect access to affordable coverage for these individuals as drafted the AHCA would allow states to waive current protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions who have a gap in coverage leaving them vulnerable to insurers who may charge higher premiums based on their more fragile health status and this is just the first half of their statement because in addition to the MacArthur Amendment is another amendment that attempted to pull back in the moderate Republicans the moderate Republicans who were afraid of what the House Republicans were going to do and so the moderate Republicans they threw in 8 billion dollars in attempt to help those with pre-existing conditions or those who would be exposed to high-risk pools and of that particular amendment this is what the American Association of medical colleges had to say they said the amendment appears to offer little relief for these skyrocketing costs for the sick what relief it would provide is impossible for any patient or family to predict and so here we are on the first leg of this attempt to repeal Obamacare that is really tight – nothing more than the desire to cut taxes and the desire to give our president a win that he so desperately wants and it only cost us the security that we had or that we were building with the Affordable Care Act this is this is something that's key and I think people missed this the Affordable Care Act was not perfect there is no perfect legislation but the Affordable Care Act was not perfect but the Republicans were never interested in making it any better they were interested in undermining it at every possible term they were interested even if it costs even if it costs lives even if it cost even if it cost people to pay more even if it costs people to be to live in fear because of what they will no longer be able to get it didn't matter all that mattered was that they were able to give President Trump the victory that he so desperately needed and for them to appear that the last seven years of them yelling that we're going to repeal and replace were not utterly wasted in reality we found out very quickly that the Republicans are very capable of being the in the opposition but they're not quite capable of actually governing and in the absence of an administration that knows what it has to do or knows what to do or knows how to do it and in the absence of a House of Representatives that is actually capable of leading and governing what we have been left with are politicians who will gather together in the Rose Garden and smile and laugh and discuss how beautiful this legislation is when in reality it is going to hurt at a minimum 24 million Americans and we may wake up tomorrow morning and find out because of the MacArthur a minute it will hurt so many more you cannot laugh and tell me smile in my face and tell me that everything is going to be ok when we have the ability to look at what you're doing we have the ability to look at the legislation and despite your tweets despite your sound bites despite your talking points we have the ability to look at it and say what you are doing to America Donald Trump is hurting America's I'm hurting Americans for the sake of your ego

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  1. Wait till the country comes face to face with a super outbreak, like super flu, ebola, or some new virus. This leave the country wide open and completely defenseless. Whatever comes next will spread like crazy, Its going to wipe out half the country, because the uninsured will have symptoms, come to work, expose other people, and will wait as long as possible to go to the doctor for fear of huge medical bills. Gated walls and money won't stop your body from catching a virus. By the time news gets around the casualty will be well underway. We are now about as safe as Liberia against disease outbreak. Thanks Trump!

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