American Health Care Act bill could affect your taxes

good evening and thank you for joining us I'm Shannon Ogden and I'm Anne Trujillo as celebration that may be a bit premature affecting your family's health care and your wallet House Republicans squeezed out a victory to dismantle Obamacare tonight the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate where some moderate Republicans worried about the number of people who could lose their coverage well the center will write its own bill I mean that's the way it works right and so they'll pass theirs will pass ours and then we'll go to conference now the reality is we do not know a lot about the impact of this bill it was passed so quickly the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office couldn't look at the cost savings or even pinpoint how many people would be covered in fact all but one of Colorado's seven House members voted along party lines the only exception was Republican Mike Coffman who says he was concerned about what would happen to the millions of people with pre-existing conditions mean for you and your family well the bill passed by the House today would repeal Obamacare subsidies for lower-income Americans and replace them with refundable tax credit based mainly on age it would also eliminate individual and employer mandates and Medicaid expansion funds starting in 2020 and we can guarantee protections for people with pre-existing conditions now if the burden for insurance falls back on the states here in Colorado you may have to decide if your taxes should be raised to pay for it Denver sevens Jacqueline Alan is live and Jacqueline in our state Tabor the taxpayer Bill of Rights could complicate this even more well because of Tabor any kind of tax hike to help pay to cover those cutbacks in health care will have to be approved by a vote of the people and that could pose some serious problems with it pretty gay baby Marilyn Sorensen is one of more than two million Coloradans with a pre-existing condition many like her now worried about the future if I can't even afford to take care of myself what am I going to do under the house plan insurance companies will share the cost of covering pre-existing conditions with states like Colorado I am very worried about it lieutenant governor Donna Lynn a healthcare expert says finding that money is even more complicated in Colorado here tabor the taxpayer Bill of Rights requires a vote of the people on any tax creases so the Legislature would have to work with us on you know going to the voters to say do you want to fund more money for healthcare if we were to attempt to preserve what we have if Colorado voters don't approve more money she says the state would have to cut eligibility or benefits and that's what so many are now afraid of where it is in Washington it just doesn't seem like they're hearing the people are dark they care right now and we don't know all the costs yet but the lieutenant governor says ending the Medicaid expansion alone would cost the state of Colorado a billion dollars a year reporting live jacqueline allen denver 7

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  1. You can't buy home owner's insurance once your house catches fire. You can't buy auto insurance, once you've been in an accident. It doesn't work like that. Uninsured people with pre-existing conditions can't be thrown into the mix of people buying insurance. They need to be handled separately, by the STATE. And stop making the rest of us pay the cost!

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