1. If I ever headed a full military action against one man, after Poutine the Murderer, I would choose Paul Ryan the Betrayer.
    Paul Ryan, after promissing good things for women and children, has forgotten them all to go to his good buddies the billionaires to get credit to lie to all of us once again.
    Paul Ryan is a sociopath trying to male good money.
    Paul Ryan doesn't care about anything. Kids, teenagers, families, no way. They don't pay dollars.
    What he needs is every dollar, whatever the tone of skin, to get his ass rolling, but rich people, roll in.
    If you're not, start believing in mercy !

  2. all the republicans who made the health care bill fail. when Obama care explode we the American people will be coming for you so get you resignation letter prepared

  3. Even if all democrat senates voted yes , trump Care will not pass because republican senates voted against it , Still not enough votes . Now what does that tell you about the bill . Trump had to put his ego to the side and should have focused on tweaking and adjusting obama care . So far trump = fail . Next Will see how he handles tax reform . πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. This drama is getting good. I am I watching a T.V. show? Nope. Lol. what a joke Trump's administration is. The also media saying it is his biggest faluire. What about his ban being blocked twice? Among other things. Then I heard that they helped out NASA with billions of dollars. And they want to cut services like PBS and libraries. No way jose! Not on my watch buddy! Earth to President Trump's sad stupid lying administration. Better not cut public education! Instead of helping out Mars with money help out the people here on EARTH! I rather help the poor here in The U.S.!!! Stupid pieces of shit. Get the fuck out of here and go to MARS with your stupitity. Yeah because I want to pay for a wall and the fuckin military. I already do! Like the military needs more money. The have thier own private places. Stupid pieces of fuckin shit his administration is. Is he serious? I have never seen such hatred, anger and racism and divisiveness since Trump and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine, well karma is a bitch Mr. President!!

  5. off topic question: why is alexia ashford (resident evil) barefoot in human form?? please reply…

  6. 1 Ρ‚Π½ΞΉΠΈg ΟƒΠ²Ξ±ΠΌΞ± fΞ±ΞΉβ„“Ρ”βˆ‚ Ξ±β„“β„“ Ρ‚Π½ΞΉΠΈgΡ•

  7. During Trump's impeachment, the words "You're fired!", must be uttered. Trump will ruin our country, if left in office. He will add to our problems the longer he's in office. Within just the first few days of his presidency people were concerned. Now, he's already being seen as one of the worst presidents. I'd be the first to admit I was wrong, if he actually did something good. But he's just going to increase our issues in this country. And around the world. Loser Donald, at it again.

  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Trumps down fall has just started

    Stupid Republican Trump supporters Fuck You πŸ–•

  9. "ABC, what has happened to you?

    Or rather, what has Disney done to you?

    The network is going down the toilet in so many ways. ABC Daytime has replaced soap operas with crap like "The Chew" and for some reason "The View" still exists even though it's a bunch of people screaming at each other with no intelligent conversation whatsoever. ABC Primetime is producing shows which try to be edgy like "The Real O'Neals" and mildly racist shows such as "black-ish" and "Speechless" which mostly target only half the nation. ABC Sports is completely dead, having been merged into ESPN, which has a lot of journalistic problems on its own which don't need much discussion. But those aren't the only problems – especially considering that ABC is only leading the way in this charge.

    ABC News, which used to be a shining hallmark of investigative reporting, has also gone down the toilet. ABC News has drifted away from hard news and un-opinionated reporting ever since Peter Jennings died and Ted Koppel left. "World News Tonight" has turned into a whirlwind of "Breaking News" which is really just some trivial thing that a celebrity did and viral videos, "Nightline" has strayed more and more towards pop culture, and "Good Morning America" is designed for 10-year olds who are fascinated by celebrities. CBS, NBC, and even Fox to some degree run circles around ABC in the field of serious reports like the American Health Care Act. And let's not forget the "journalists" ABC has hired like George Stephanopoulos, who in an earlier time would have been fired as soon as it came out that he was hiding contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Heck, it was only 12 or so years ago that CBS basically fired Dan Rather for not fact-checking the Killian documents story, and Rather still has ten times the journalistic credibility than Stephanopoulos (or anyone else currently at ABC for that matter) will ever have. (Check his Facebook – he does have an anti-Trump slant, but his writings are actually written for adults.) Peter Jennings and Roone Arledge would cry at the state ABC is in right now – all their work, gone to waste because of the penny pinchers up at corporate Disney. ABC needs to get itself together, and sadly I don't think that will ever happen unless Disney sells the network to someone else – which won't happen.

    On a cynical note, given that "Good Morning America" still leads the morning shows in ratings, "World News Tonight" is not too far behind "NBC Nightly News", ESPN is the top-rated cable network, and "The View" still pulls 3 million viewers a day, none of these changes will happen, while some brilliant executive at CBS will probably try to force Scott Pelley out even though he's done a good job journalistically and revert CBS back to the Katie Couric days for ratings."

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