American Healthcare Act's Impact

cade more tax credits to help buy insurance and attacks / they say for the wealthy so it's pacted the Senate's plan to replace obamacare which could be voted on next week and if it passes and becomes the new law of the land how will the Senate's Health Care Act impact California CBS 2's Randy Paige is live at UCLA where he tracked down some answers for us and Randy according to some people the news looks grim that's exactly right Pat to begin with California compared to other states it's really in pretty good shape plenty of insurers in the marketplace quite a few options for consumers and a lot of young healthy people who've chosen to get health insurance so we wanted to know how could this plan in Washington impact us here in California and we put that question to one of the state's leading experts in health care policy beginning with this question if you were to grade the bill proposed in Washington today what would that grade be it's enough – there's nothing in here that's good for the American people the professor Gerald Kaminski the director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research says under the proposed Republican health care plan fewer people in California would be covered costs would go up substantially for older people and there will be dramatic cuts in federal support for the working poor it's unconscionable professor Kaminski says more young and healthy people in California would choose not to have health insurance since there would be no penalties if they choose to opt out under the proposed health care bill and that leaves sicker people on the insurance rolls which would drive up the cost of premiums consumers beware if you're buying insurance through covered California it's going to be more expensive and if you have on the medical program the future looks bleak it is really the working poor who will be most harmed Carmen barber is executive director of consumer watchdog a nonpartisan nonprofit in Santa Monica that keeps an eye on the healthcare industry in California the cut to Medicaid alone will be devastating in California millions of people will lose coverage and lose millions and million millions of dollars in funding that we currently put towards health care so where do we go from here well professor Kaminsky says first of all he would like to see either the house or the Senate version simply not passed then he says it would be a great idea if Republicans and Democrats in Washington could come together and try to fix the problem with the Affordable Care Act try to do what's best for health care in this country then you can call it whatever you want but somehow reach a compromise and esperance here as well as in Washington say that's probably not going to happen anytime soon PAP job

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