American healthcare bankruptcy

at the beginning of the 20th century Britain's health was in a sorry state what treatment law was had to be paid for by the patient doctors were a luxury which many found hard to afford it was only when we were quite seriously ill that we asked him to come he had all sorts of other scrapes cuts they just were bandaged up and hoped we got better with the system failing to deliver many people took matters into their own hands they organized their own health care in their own communities if people wanted to meet then they had to do it for themselves and the best way to do it was by climbing together and others experimented with new ways to stop people from getting ill in the first place we were guinea pigs it wasn't just made we were all guinea pigs and it changed my life this is the story of how ordinary people GPS midwives and local councils cope with sickness and disease at home and in their communities of the struggle to improve the nation's health and of how radical new ideas would eventually help create a system of health care for all


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