American Healthcare: Rant!

hey guys so today I'm just kind of want to rant I don't have any I'm not gonna read off any statistics or anything like that because with what I'm about to rant about I'm so tired of seeing statistics about it and nothing happening nothing changing basically my upload schedule this week has been a little different not that has been very consistent but on Mondays I like to do the series let's chat Tuesday a tutorial Wednesday another one off let's chat Thursday another tutorial and then something fun for Friday well today I didn't get to it let's chat and just posted up a Friday video instead because I was dealing medical stuff nothing too serious I've mentioned before I have a kidney transplant and I have to take you know pretty tedious care of it honestly and it has a little infection so I was trying to just get to a doctor's appointment so I could get some antibiotics I already knew what was up I've had it for 13 years you know your body pretty well after a certain amount of time and when it's not feeling right and the doctor I normally go to doesn't take Medicaid I'm a Medicaid I got on it back in August September because I had to have a procedure done to get rid of precancerous cells in my cervix and I was working part-time at a grocery store so I didn't have been offense wasn't making enough money to buy private insurance and yeah so I had to do something so I was able to get on Medicaid and that thankfully takes care of my medicines because like out of pocket my medicines would be over a hundred dollars a month just one of them was like a hundred and fifteen dollars and I'm congested and stuff because I have allergies in the middle of January in tea but it just really frustrated me when I call this doctor I always go to and they're like oh we don't take Medicaid or we don't take your brain your because there's different branches it's a very complicated process there's a lot to it and they're like oh well we don't take this this branch just playing you're on we take this but that doesn't help you but you can pay $75 when you get here the day of the appointment and she can diagnose you but if you need to get labs done if you need any meds or referral that's all gonna have to come out of pocket – because they don't have a medicaid number to send with the referral with the medicines or any of that stuff so I had to look through my network thanks I've made it easy where you can like log in and like Google basically Google search what's in your net network through your providers website and most of what I found when I did that were pediatricians I'm not a child I am – I know I sound like one I look very young but I'm 28 years old grown-ass woman I have to go see a big-girl doctor um and my kidney doctor my specialist is at Emory and I see them every 6 months and even then I still have like a bail for a hundred bucks or something even afterwards or they said it was not a felt I don't know I didn't want to look at it I need to but I just want to you get real tired of looking at medical bills after a while um but so I finally found a doctor local that takes my insurance general practitioner but they can't see me until February 4th that's two weeks from now and I mean they scheduled me in as early as I could and I appreciate that and they treated me like a human being because something I've also noticed being on Medicaid not with like my doctor who did the procedure in September for my cervix but I've had to like talk to other doctors like the doctor the place I didn't take my Medicaid one person I thought she was really sweet about it and understanding carrying the other person just kept repeating themselves like I was an idiot like I didn't know what I was talking about what and it's like kind of like well why are you even bothering trying to go to the doctor it's like just I felt like they were thinking – thinking down about me I'm like I had a full-time job where I had benefits and I paid four hundred and twenty dollars a month for those benefits out of my paycheck that was only $500 every two weeks so $1,000 a month 420 of that went to private medic private insurance and it barely covered anything and I was with that job for a year and a half I'm gonna try very hard not to get loud but this is something that really pisses me off and is honestly unacceptable the American healthcare medical system needs reformed it is just unacceptable the amount of people who go and go uninsured because of pre-existing conditions shit they can't control I can't control it my kidneys failed when I was 14 like I wasn't smoking or drinking or anything like that and even if I was for some reason at 14 it still shouldn't matter if I'm covered if you know I can live or not that's just I don't understand it and then you have Big Pharma on top of all that shit it's just but yeah so I'm on Medicaid and they take care of a lot cuz and people get so upset and anybody like even suggest that oh you know if we had 40% taxes we would be able to have universal health care two dollars a month or every paycheck goes to Medicaid and you're not getting to see any of that so if you're not on Medicaid and everyone who gets a paycheck through a mirror in America you have a percentage of the paycheck automatically goes to Social Security and Medicaid you're not gonna retire you're probably not gonna retire in time to see any of that Social Security and you're not able to see into that Medicaid so why would we not just stop that and develop something that you get to see it's like when I had the interest through my job I they were great on medications I think that most I paid was $25 and I'm on five different medications two of which I take day twice a day and I get month's worth of prescription every month so $25 a month not bad but I had one hospital stay for a week had a really really bad kidney infection so they pumped me full of antibiotics and then a few months later I got a bill for $1,000 for one thousand four hundred and fifty dollars I worked retail 500 every two weeks after the 200 was 200 of out of each check came out so I already was putting this $400 into this insurance and then they didn't want to pay this and at this point I'd already been with the job for over a year so whatever Matt that he was up probably significantly close to being to pay for most of this I kid that ended up going to collections because I couldn't pay it just got paid off this past November I was in the hospital in 2017 so it took me over a year and a half to pay that medical bill off that is absurd that is ridiculous that is irresponsible of this country we I just can't wrap my mind around it it's all it is these private insurance companies they use things like pregnancy and pre-existing conditions to keep people from getting insurance because people who are already sick are going to need those things paid for they're like oh well we don't want to spend more money like why are you in the insurance business then I don't I'd I can't wrap my mind around it's like you'd rather let people fucking die good people or anybody die rather than sure they can get their insulin or their kidney transplant there transplant meds or go see their doctor make sure they're okay I have to go to a doctor so I know my kidney is acting right and like I have to get labs done to watch like the creatinine level creatinine is the modern the function of your kidney and if it's like even a decimal off you could be in the you could have a significant chance of losing that kidney and then having to go back on dialysis more medicines when I was on dialysis I had a cath right here I went straight to my heart and then that hooked up shoved machine three days a week for three hours a week and then I was on 13 different medications and I was having to go to the doctor up in Atlanta every month so that doesn't even this doesn't include transportation cost it doesn't include your parents or your significant others or whoever is with you in Hope hotels or whatever and thank God for the Ronald McDonald House um in places like that and it doesn't include you know the surgery cost of the transplant the hospital say well it doesn't like you know what I'm trying to say at this point um but it's just like all of that and insurance are like whatever sucks to be you it's like well fuck you do then it's like I'm paying you all this money and expect to not have to worry about paying extra money that I don't have like my savings are drained because my medical bills and that's why I had to move back into my parents house I was making this thousand dollars a month I was paying my house paying utilities I had four credit cards that was trying to pay off I had student loan debt I was paying down and I had to stop all of that almost I had to move back in here so I would be able to have the money to pay those bills so I had to sacrifice my independence and my freedom just so I wouldn't get evicted and end up being homeless like that is I just it's it's fucking terrible how America treats it sick I mean the amount a woman who just died from giving childbirth it blows my mind because I just don't nobody respects anybody nobody cares if they can't get money in their pockets they don't care about you we need reform on this and Obama tried and I was on the Affordable Health Care Act when it first started I only paid $15 a month it covered nearly everything I had a hospital bill only paid $400 that's still a lot of money but compared to what I've had to pay as I've gotten older he's nothing I would take that over that and with that hospital bill I not only was an at Emory a university hospital Rohrer least nationally renowned hospital um for a week I um it may have been more than that but it still is just it was a lot it wasn't too much to worry about you but I got like a colonoscopy because one of my medications was tearing my colon up it was a side effect from it at this point I had the kidney for nine years I had x-rays done all sorts of labs and test run in that $15 a month took care of a good chunk of that so it can clearly be done it's just in other countries Sweden the UK France Germany all have universal health care in Canada yes they have their problems I'm not saying that they don't but at least you know if you've not you're not gonna go homeless because there's something that happens out of your control are you getting a wreck like somebody hits you or something like that and you need major surgery to survive or you need a blood transfusion I just I've said this a million times that I can't wrap my head around it I have AIT's me so much like to the point of tears I get so angry because all it is is greedy fucking assholes money more money and not giving a shit about the people they're charging or anything like that and I know there's so many more complications and details and stuff like that but the base is simple is that a country should take care of its people and America is not taking care of its people it is letting them down by pushing back health care reform not letting that happen trying to put make trying to let private insurance companies do the pre-existing condition clause where they won't give you insurance if you already have something going on so if I want if I had a job say had a job that paid me tons and tons of money but for some reason didn't come with anything and I will get on to that minute didn't pay me any benefits I still couldn't behind my own insurance with my own money because of this pre-existing clause because I have a kidney transplant and if I don't take my medications if I don't have my medications I lose my kidney and then I would have to go back on dialysis why I couldn't afford to go back on dialysis so my body would slowly shut down because it can't filter out the toxins like I couldn't he just let me tell you what toxins are when your kidney doesn't work its potassium so you can't have potatoes you can't have peanut butter you can't have apples you can't have bananas you can't have ice cream you can't have cheese you can't have milk anything with potassium in it or high sodium so you can't french fries they're out the fucking window you can't have anything and you can't nothing you can tater chips can't have a PB&J Jam jelly has too much potassium in it that's toxins I'm not talking about alcohol or drugs or anything like that I'm talking about things that you eat every day you can no longer have because your body can't process it and so when your body can't process the says those your body starts to shut down because those are things that you still need your fluids start to back up your lungs fill up with fluid you can't breathe you're basically drowning in your own fluids do insurance companies care about that no no they don't they're like okay you can go fuck off you can die in a ditch we don't care and that's how our American government sees that too they're like oh with their poor so fuck them like it wouldn't matter from poor or rich if I can't get health care if I'm rich I would have the luxury of spending that hundreds of thousand dollars on whatever I needed but that's not gonna fucking happen so because the 1% is just that 1% that is insignificant and 7 million people we have in this country and then like back on the jobs give me a minute Fitz they're supposed to under the ACA the Affordable Health Care Act or as it has been coined the Obamacare if they will claim it's a full-time position but then schedule at you at 35 hours a week so when they tell you it's a perk that they that you get to leave early on Fridays it's really just them avoiding having to pay you benefits that's all that is there it's not a perk it's a loophole they found and they're exploiting it why I refuse to settle for any more jobs that don't provide benefits and I had started a new job last week I was really excited about it and they talked about me um they're listing had talked about benefits 401k health vision all that good stuff I was like okay cool and get on that I don't have to worry about Medicaid anymore and Medicaid you have to make under 12 for know $14,000 a year to be on Medicaid so you have to be dirt poor it's not people taking advantage of the system it it is difficult as how to get approved for it if I want gotten approved for it if I didn't have a kidney if I didn't have this metal armor and see if I didn't have the cancer scare if I would not have gotten if I'm just like hey I need some insurance no and yes so you have to be dirt-poor under the poverty line to get it have to have a like chronic lies reason as to getting it like like other than just basic coverage and needing something in case something happens you have to have a solid reason medical reason to get it it's not easy to get even though like I said earlier two dollars or whatever I've never seen more than two dollars come out of my check no matter how much I was making go to Medicaid and this is state because they vary state by state I'm speaking for from my own experience and from Georgia I wanna make that very clear I live in Georgia Georgia Medicaid state Medicaid and it's my experience with it in with the health care system I'm sure in other states maybe it's a whole hell of a lot better maybe it's worse but it has caused me so much stress and pain just to get basic care I had to go to an urgent care center today get it get antibiotics and they're like why don't you have a primary doctor I'm like I'm on Medicaid and like do you have a job like no not in the moment I quit last week because it wasn't what I was supposed to be and that wasn't like they said they were gonna be giving me benefits and then benefits were never brought up whatsoever none of the paperwork nothing I was like no we agreed to two different things here and we're not having that and like I'm 28 damn years old I'm not suddenly appreciative I'm not suddenly before a relationship I'm sure so not settling is something more and far more important such as my health I'm not playing around that I take care of myself I take my medicines on time every day I exercise I eat I eat right ie I don't need high sodium things I keep the potassium intake to a minimum you know my body can't process this now I don't want to put extra strain on it because I only have one working kidney I want to keep it as long as I can and it's just like these rich fucking assholes who could pay for anything and everything and I've never had anything bad happen to them they're like oh well I can take care of it so why can't you or work harder get a job that pays you benefits I'm like I fucking had one I didn't pay for shit what what more do you want from me I'm working my ass off for fucking nothing I can't even live out of my own because I've had to pay all these medical bills and you're just gonna sit there and say I'm fuckin lazy no fuck you alright I'm starting to get louder and heated hey it's just it's so serious there's just like like I was off of I didn't have insurance for six months and that's another thing it's like I was doing filing my taxes I'm just like if I hadn't gotten on Medicaid I would have had to pay a tax penalty like that close was only put in there to pacify those who didn't want health care reform there cuz they're like well we gotta find out a way to get money out of this somehow you have so much money like I just can't comprehend being that horrible I'm like if you have that much money you should be trying to do good with it and not just wait on your pockets you can't take it with you when you die so what's the point I'm like sure you can give it to your kids and your family but that's gonna be out the window so I just I don't understand I don't understand how a country can just let so many people die because they don't want to change their healthcare system that they don't want to provide basic a basic human need and right for their citizens just to make sure that they're safe they're healthy in safety they spend all this money on don't drink and drive don't do drugs campaigns but that aren't effective that don't work don't drink and drive don't do drugs I'm not advocating for that but don't I'm just saying that money could be spent elsewhere like universal universal health care and if we model it after like house Sweden Germany have it would be effective it would be helpful there's a reason like those were the top countries in the world all around because they take care of their citizens and how these people keep getting voted for is beyond me but that's a whole different rant all together I'm just like and like it terrifies me not to have insurance because it's just like the medical ability like I stopped I did I was sick for a while like before Christmas all of that I was sick for a while I was terrified going to the doctor because I can't afford a medical bill that I look just like every time I get mail I'm just like please don't let it be a bill I don't have the money even when I was working I didn't have the money and that is so so scary to me but I have to go to the doctor to make sure I'm not fucking dying I'm just like I'm 28 I want to live my life and I I feel like I can't if I'm always worried about a medical bill or built in general and it shouldn't be a concern that doesn't mean you know we get it and then go be reckless of course not be responsible and smart about everything but it's just it just terrifies me not to be able to see if anything's wrong if I hadn't gotten my pap smear done back in April of 2018 I won't who've known I had HPV and I won't have known that I would precancerous cells developing in my cervix and that would have easily become full-blown cancer if I hadn't caught it early and it's because I had doctors who took Medicaid and you know didn't look down on you for having it and we're like you are a human being and you deserve respect in the treatment and treatment just as anybody else would so it's like it's so mind-body look like how many people have died of cancers because they didn't get checked because I didn't have a doctor to go to how many people have died just from like an infection like their knee got scraped or something and they didn't clean it out properly but they didn't think it's bad enough to go to the doctor and died from that and I'm like this is shit you hear in development that happens in developing countries that I have no infrastructure or anything like that that should not be it shouldn't be happening there either but it definitely shouldn't be happening in u.s. we were supposed to be some superpower the best country in the world well then fucking prove it by providing for your citizens and taking care of your citizens this is just absolutely mind-boggling I don't understand if anybody else understands if you have any ideas on how to reform the section like I could go into details and I could pull up statistics but like I said I'm tired of looking at statistics just because there shouldn't be statistics on this if anything there's to be statistics on people doing stupid shit that got them killed not because avoidable things at all I just yeah so I'm gonna rant they're pretty sure I got everything off my chest about it but it's just ridiculous so what are your thoughts and I like good stuff I love you

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