hey guys what's up hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you guys had a great week some time off I had four days off and it was amazing so this week I'm just gonna jump right into it typically I am pretty quiet on my political views and you know you'll see me share a few articles here and there on Facebook and different things like that I'm just gonna say it right now our health care here in America in the United States make that very clear I'm talking about strictly the United States our health care here it sucks two thumbs down now I'm not talking about the quality of care I'm talking about how we obtain the care the fact that we have a system in place and I don't even know how to say it it's so crazy and messed up Congress goes back and forth on repealing the Obama care and you know what to me kudos to Obama for at least doing something it may have taken a long time to get Obamacare in place and get the kinks worked out but at least he put something in place in something there but I will tell you me and my husband we work locally in our town we work 40 plus hours out of the week I would say low income middle income whatever you want to call it working people we work hard we pay our bills we don't have debt collectors calling us yeah we pay out the wazoo for insurance and then on top of that I'm fighting back and forth between one where we purchase our insurance and then fighting with Medicaid on coverage for our daughter you know I really could care less about coverage for me myself but when it comes to coverage of my daughter it is insane to get coverage you can't get ahold of caseworkers you're trying to you know work things out and it's not necessarily their fault it's a system that is broken and it's overrun and these people are overworked so Congress hello please enough of the crap of Democrats and Republicans and we want this and we want this work together and put something in place that's gonna benefit everybody you know I will just say this point-blank I don't agree with mr. Trump on a lot of things I don't really care for the guy I will respect the position he is and I will tell you that it's more weight on anybody's shoulders than I could even imagine so I will tell you mr. Trump I respect you for what you do but sir please put something in place for health care there are other countries outside of here that are considered third world countries and they have full health care they go in they don't have to worry about paying for anything I will tell you I don't want to continue my life seeing my parents generation and other people worrying about going into thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of debt just for a surgery that they need to stay healthy and live we need something in place that benefits everybody Medicare for all in what Bernie Sanders is pushing is amazing and I think it's a great idea does everyone agree with it no but not everyone's gonna be happy but really we need to get it together we're smarter country than this we're better than this and this is something I think our founding fathers never could even imagine they would want us to have something to provide for our own people we need to be providing something for our people and for this country to help benefit the younger generation and the generation that's coming up like I said insurance it's a mess there's red tape there's lines and it's crazy this is a broken system and it needs to be fixed so I took this moment I'm just at stepping out I'm saying at Point Blank two thumbs down we need to change this and hopefully get two thumbs up for our health care system and if not at least still benefit the generation coming forth but that wraps it up for me guys sorry I went a little political on you but couldn't stay quiet about this issue anymore so there you have it alright guys so that wraps it up for me today and I know it's early in the week but I hope you are having a great week so far and I hope it continues to be great for you guys don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and give me a share guys and I'll be back later this week with 90 second Wednesday

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