American Healthcare Video

health care america's health care is one of the best right not quite America's health care system is the most expensive in the world health spending per person in the US was ten thousand two hundred twenty four dollars in 2017 which was twenty eight percent higher than Switzerland the next highest per capita spender in the United Kingdom 4246 on health care on average like what Voltaire once said the art of medicine consist of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease for how can we be amused that we can afford it men women and even children shouldn't be in despair when receiving treatment they shouldn't have to feel for a strong coiling ball of anxiety within themselves people should be afraid of all the zeros on the cost of their treatment they shouldn't be afraid of the numbers on their bills but here we are we are most afraid of a cost of our bills in America despite it being a developed country with a rich history but all countries have their own flaws and everyone has their own doubts compared to other countries the u.s. spends almost twice as much more for health care we are greater the biggest number of the spectrum and we expect the healthcare we are given to be effective hence why it's so expensive but that's not the case is that a child dies every three seconds simply because they then received the right medication in fact what now five people cannot even afford their treatment alive reason being is because unlike other countries the drug companies that produces the patient's medication had set their own prices and as usually trifle it's as much depending on the brain suppose you or your family are selling struck with painstaking migraine suppose that this part of your or their life is a primal time but step relishing in your best phase you spit find yourself day after day for standard is unfortunately cursed that begins to regularly torture you you sense the pain worsen and worsen and so the next thing you know you finally are content with yourself and conscious enough to properly feel your surroundings that the clock ticks with if only the manufacturer of our medicine can give us mercy if only our government can fix it sooner and maybe then your umbrella could have lived longer or maybe your brother wouldn't have to stay in the ER any longer just maybe if ever cheaper we wouldn't be afraid of the scribbles on their bills or our fishing we won't have to wait any longer oh how the clock taunts us as we stay in agony of our supposed sanctuary health care here and America is not the best and yet the most expensive in the world

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