American Healthcare

so anybody here from other countries other countries yes ma'am we're from Sweden I hope you're enjoying the freedom we are providing for you you're sleeping under a blanket of freedom complements the little place called America and the internet you're welcome this we invented that shit very good seem very sweet though I got into with a guy from England this guy was cocky I'm like where you from he's like Great Britain like really great britain that's weird cuz I'm from fantastic America see how that works dude you're just great I'm fantastic my grandparents are from awesome Italy we like to talk to me like a human being now or continue with the pissing contest so I got a pocket full of adjectives ready to rock your line yes and I said fuck you fuck your super nanny and fuck the metric system that doesn't even make sense because they don't use the metric system they use the English system but I didn't know that till after I wrote the joke shows you where I am American public schools that's his whole argument is like you don't have health care we have it I'm like it's not in our Constitution we have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and if while you're pursuing happiness you blow out your knee that's your fucking problem America welcome to America these colors don't run that's our motto they can't run nobody can rocks if you hurt your knee you can't get seen by a doctor these colors can limp and hot but they can't run seriously do not get hurt in America you can walk into a hospital on fire they will not help you there you'll be like I'm sorry you're on fire that's a pre-existing condition we're all about drugs over here so we can give you an antidepressant to make you feel better about being on fire that helps you at all but a side effect will be a burning sensation actually better to be on fire for real for real it doesn't matter if he no doctors in the future anyway to be all technology something hurts will be an app for your iPhone you'll take x-ray of yourself put it up on facebook everybody will vote as to what they think is wrong you'll be like eighty percent of my friends say it's not a tumor twenty percent say it is a tumor before them gave it a thumbs up Oh

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