American International College Healthcare Heroes Sponsor Video_2018

American International College offers a range of professional programs that promote health restore health and maintain health we're very proud to provide access and opportunity to a diverse student population and this goes a long way in helping to diversify our workforce our learning facilities at AIC offer a range of opportunities for students to learn hands-on and apply their knowledge and skills in a safe learning environment before they move out into fieldwork practices some examples of those would be our home like setting that we have in our occupational therapy lab we plan for a simulation area that is like an apartment where students are able to do home visits on patients in simulated situations this can be across disciplines so that physical therapy can be doing a home visit with a nurse or occupational therapist or a community health worker our physical therapy lab has a wide range of equipment that allow students to practice techniques before they emerge into their fieldwork our nursing lab has high fidelity patient simulators these patients even talk to students as they assess them in what seems like real life patient situations another unique aspect of our new building is our specialized pediatric area for occupational therapy students we now have new specialized equipment where therapists and students can learn about working with children with disabilities with the appropriate types of equipment our new college Chino Center for Health Sciences has a state-of-the-art human performance laboratory where our exercise science students will learn two hands-on to perform a number of diagnostic tests and measurements on individuals to analyze their physical fitness we at AIC really want to applaud the recipients of the healthcare heroes award this evening we congratulate them on the recognition of their professional accomplishments and achievements we really appreciate all that you do to promote the health and well-being of our community thank you

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