AMI Blind Life Hack: Medication Tips

some AMI Blind Life Hacks. NARRATOR: In this video,
we’ll suggest some techniques to keep your medication more
organized and easier to access. If you take
medication, then you’ll definitely want to
take advantage of tools like a pill
dispenser or pillbox, available at almost
every major pharmacy. Some pill organizers
have sections for each day of the week,
and some larger ones even provide separate compartments
for the same day. Depending on how often you
need to take medication, choose the pill box that
works best for your situation. Organizing your
medication by category, frequency of use,
or alphabetically can be a big help. You can also request
labels from your pharmacy with large lettering
or even Braille that can be applied to the
containers themselves, making them easier to identify. When it comes time to
renew your medication, simply transfer them back to
the container you used before or ask your pharmacist to
use the same container. Your pharmacist could also offer
you medication in a dose format that keeps pills isolated. A single plate contains all of
your medications for the week, with the days of
the week indicated along the left
side and the hours of the day on the long
upper portion of the plate. When you press on
one compartment, it breaks open and allows the
medication to drop in your hand or in a glass. With the compartment
broken, it’s easy for someone who is
blind or partially sighted to detect that their
medication has been taken. When it comes to
medication in a syringe, you can request ones
that have raised markings, which will allow
for accurate measurements. Finally, if you
take your medication multiple times a day, think
of having two small baskets for your medications. One for those who have already
taken and another for those you still need to take. ANNOUNCER: For more
Blind Life Hacks, go to

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