Amputation: First Aid

amputations amputations such as fingers and toes are scarily not that unusual the easiest way is probably to start with the story one of my friends was in hospital having a second child and a husband was looking after the toddler and there was John with Joe and he said come on Joe let’s go and see mum he got out the buggy he put his foot on the back of the buggy and didn’t realize that Joe’s finger was in the mechanism and Joe’s finger came off so what do you think the priority should be so first of all the child not the finger grab that poor child look after them reassure them and apply direct pressure to their injured finger okay so by direct pressure control that bleeding and reassure the child then turn your attention to the finger what you should be doing with the finger is picking it up wrapping it in some normal fluffy clean material so please don’t wrap it in lieu roll or cut water and a thing because that would be fluffy and that will make it really difficult when it gets to hospital and we have to clean it then what you would do is put it in a plastic bag so you put a dinner ordinary food bag or something like that and then you would put it onto an ice pack to chill it with meat and what you’re doing is preserving it so that it’s in the best possible condition so it could be sewn back on in hospital please don’t be tempted to wash it will clean it in hospital because if you wash it you will lose some of those really important nerves or little battles that we’ll need to be able to sew it together make sure you don’t give the child anything to eat or drink because they will need surgery and make sure you take the finger and the child to hospital at the same time

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