1. Kudos to Turi for breastfeeding that cute girl on camera, strength of a woman and multi tasking 😂😂😂,

  2. She's such a mum, she even breastfeed her little one with zero shyness…she's mother goals for all breastfeeding little ones.

  3. I think you got married too young.Mimi hapa niko 23 na still I haven't dreamt of ndoa.I am still scouting.

  4. So so encouraging, thanks for being a lighthouse for this generation! It's harder to be a godly husband than be a CEO. Many CEOs can run a huge complex company BUT unable to stay faithful to one wife

  5. Whoever conceptualized this program should be given a big award and prize. If they are not recognized on this earth, then God will do it Himself. Having said that, I love the way he said 'she's said so much, I should have added more.' It means there's a lot of give and take in the relationship. They are both givers, and so if they notice their partner has given 120%, then they pull up their socks and make sure they also give 150% so that the partner is not left in deficit. It seems that what make lovely marriages. Each of them is a giver, they've married a giver, and they are giving unto each other abundantly.

  6. I also wish to get married young but Seems it will take a little longer …beautiful story 💕💕 much luv guys 💞💞💞 and God bless 🙏🏻

  7. if i can get a lady who can appreciate you in all aspects like she did then her future will be bright and no dought about it the only problem with some ladies is that want to be on the receiving and contribute nothing

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