An American Carol – Free Health Care

camera ok action here is on the island paradise cute where there's a hospital on every block as we can clearly see Cubans have the very best health care in the world not like in America where it can kill you I've brought two Americans here Bob and Joan Friedman who are injured during Hurricane Katrina college by you know who but still haven't been able to get an American doctor to pay a simple house call to their gated community in shaker honey and why because we're spending all the money on the military buildup for this phony war on terror doctor we just want the same care as you give your own okay the kitchen light is famous for its free prescription drug plan what do you have for me kinky okay hey these are breathless keeping your high school okay tell there you go free that'll make you feel better huh there you go free you know in America that it cost you an arm and a leg g-code sorry that's ok Paco you'll be back Cuba so much man the jewel of a cara mia a country that truly cares for its citizen god this is paradise well I gotta get back but I can be rest assured that my American friends are in good hands and the Cuban health care system I'm going to America obviously so many people ready to thank me they rush the book these people know how bad it's gotten the mirror wanted me to spread the word about Paradise cubed be found


  1. If free healthcare was so good why do lots of people like Canadians run away from it? Because In reality free healthcare sucks!

  2. Here in Brazil, every school show Moore's movies in classes… Everyone trust 100% in him. But is comic because some people go to have treatment in US when they're very sick.. haha.
    For real, everybody like to criticize USA, but they love to go shopping and other things there. People should study more and stop to repeat liberal jargons..

  3. Well, not all Europe is the same (I mean, my country is much more similar to this clip than Finland). But what if someone can't afford it? I rember my dad spending 600$ on insurance for me, and that was only for a two weeks trip, back in 2007. A regular insurance must cost so much more. I realize that government care is worse (even if it really depends on the doctors, trust me), but wouldn't that be only for the poor population? If you have a private insurance, nothing changes.

  4. There are serveral reasons:

    1. It's NOT free. It takes you money away through taxes rather than letting you keep your money and allow you to choose how to spend it.

    2. Private healthcare is FAR more effective and efficient than government-controlled healthcare.

    3. We Americans believe in living life the way WE WANT without government intererence. We don't need the government to do everything for us.

    We don't care that Europe has it. We don't want to be like you guys.

  5. This is something I'll never understand about US. Why is everyone opposed to free Health Care? Europe has it, and nobody -not even the most fundamental, borderline neofascist movements- speaks against it. Is it about the taxes? Is it because it's a socialist idea (btw, everything about the governments as we know them now has some socialist elements…)? Could someone explain it to me?

  6. you've obviously never studied John Locke. An English Phliosopher who said that humans are born with three natural rights: life, liberty, and property. Gee, no healtcare.

    Besides, being rewarded for hard work (profit) causes doctors to work harder and be held more accountable. Government always run's things less efficiently. Why? there's no competition, so there's no reason for them strive for better efficiency.

  7. "You know in America that'll cost you an arm and a leg….oh, sorry."
    Damn I love this movie, especially it had patriot actors, not the liberals of Hollywood, but every actor where good America loving actors.

  8. I'd just like to say that my grandparents left Cuba to escape oppression by Castro. MM doesn't know what he's talking about.

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