An American Healthcare Nightmare

yes another new youtuber what does she have to say um let's see my name is Gayle and I'm here to vent about health care I'm 65 years old I'm on Medicare my husband is 63 years old and he's on an ACA or Obamacare plan okay so we all know about the struggle that's going on with Obamacare at the moment there's somebody in the White House who feels that he's got a better solution to taking care of sick Americans I'm still waiting to hear what it is but until then we've got some really pressing needs and we can't wait for any changes to be made my husband is as I said 63 years old he's just been diagnosed with two types of cancer he's got lymphoma and kidney cancer and so we're in the process of hopefully purging this from his system and in the meantime our bank accounts are being purged of dollars and anyone that's been sick in this country can understand why just a little bit of background I've always been an advocate of having health care I've always had this great fear of being destitute because of bills that I couldn't pay or whatever and so for the last 32 years since 1982 as a matter of fact I guess it's more than 32 years since 1982 I've had some kind of health insurance either through a corporate plan family plan private plan catastrophic plan the ACA and now Medicare as I said so I've paid into these plans for 32 years and granted it doesn't they don't owe me anything the money is gone because I thought insurance was a good investment and that it would protect you know the essence that we managed to accumulate humble though they might be a house our nose so that's that's where we're at we're and we're not we're sick I've got Parkinson's disease I was diagnosed two years ago and my husband has has the cancer so what does that mean for someone for me on Medicare I think that's important to explain for people waiting to run to Medicare because you think oh boy I'm gonna be a Medicare and it's gonna be wonderful and there won't be anymore Bilson and I wanted to worry about my men at my health care and that's not exactly true first of all when you go on to Medicare they're gonna take a hundred and close $120 am i anymore might be less in some states depends upon where you are what the situation is that's going to come right off the top of your Social Security check and then in addition to that you're going to choose plans you're going to choose from array of plans and no matter what you're going to go something because Medicare just doesn't cover everything so you need some kind of supplemental plan or anything so my my Medicare ends up costing me about one hundred and fifty dollars enough a month which isn't really enough for what my anticipated expenses are going to be but it's been a decent plan and I'm getting by however right now I'm in what is called the coverage gap because while my parkinson's doesn't generate a lot of expense on for physical type things I do take medications and the medications for the Parkinson's type these are very expensive they're hugely expensive and being the coverage gap that I am right now my I have one medication one of my two medications that has cost me $200 in out-of-pocket expenses because I'm in the coverage gap and and the insurance has already paid as much as they're going to pay until the next level or whatever but suffice it to say 200 bucks a month that is on top of the 147 that I pay for Medicare and my supplemental coverage now in the case of my husband he's on an ACA package and his plan costs just under $800 a month seven hundred and ninety six dollars or something like that five hundred and twenty-five dollars of which was subsidized until this past week when this President took away the subsidies for movses subsidies or declared them illegal or whatever so we now pay that full $796 I assume whereas before we were our share of it was two hundred and seventy one and I just want to make something very clear about the subsidies that were given on Obamacare a lot of people think it's people freeloaders who just want something for free but in fact in order to have the subsidy you have to meet certain income levels and your subsidy is determined by how much you make so with that going away with the subsidy going away that increases our are built by another five hundred and twenty five dollars a month which is really really hard already with boole's cancer our bills are over six thousand dollars his diagnosis took place during the months of July of this year June and July of this year and so to date we've racked up about six thousand dollars in out-of-pocket expenses for us that I'm aware of there's more than that I'm sure but that's what I know I've as on the last bill that I got called the hospital who is very helpful you know to get on to a payment plan 0% but it has to be satisfied within a 24 month period and if you're at the 5000 level that's probably going to mean a couple hundred dollars a month in our situation I can probably we can do that we could we could make a payment of $200 a month but the fact is this bill this particular bill doesn't cover all the different doctors he sees it's only a certain subset of doctors there's the surgeons and the pathology and and other things out of network expenses that may pop up so there's still a lot of stuff that's tacked on to to the amount that the insurance already doesn't cover so right now I'm already looking at bills the years years out of bills and we're at the very very beginning of this situation yeah it's gonna be interesting but it is what it is and I love my husband of course we're going to pay whatever costs to get him well right because we want that for our loved ones we want them to be well but you know when you're going through what cancer patients go through what families go through um the burden of the financial part of it is is just it's it's overwhelming because you don't know what if you can't pay what point did they they turn the care off some states yes they do have special plans but if you're as we are we've had successful careers for the most part and we're not eligible because of our Social Security benefits we're not eligible for the poverty programs but we're not but we're not liquid enough to be able to cover our expenses either so I think that when it amounts to is that whenever you've worked your entire life for whatever nest egg small nest egg you may have put aside however financially responsible you may be or have been it doesn't matter it doesn't matter once you get sick it's all going to go away it's just the reality of it it's going to go away and I don't think that's right I just don't think that's right you know in the the Bill of Rights guarantees us life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and my feeling is that none of this is possible none of it is possible unless you have health care for for the citizens of this great country I don't think it's patriotic to to expect or to think of health care as a right I've pondered this a lot and I just I just don't think that that health care is some kind of thing that only people who afford it can can have because no matter what happens to you no matter what happens in your life you're going to need health care at some time and I guarantee you you will not be able to afford it let's go back rewind for a few years when I had a catastrophic plan one of my catastrophic plans that I had after I lost my job during the Great Recession and before I was L all four are before Obamacare became available I'm an artist I was at an event I slipped and fell and broke my wrist then I know it was broken at the time no but I didn't want to go to the hospital either because that catastrophic policy that we paid 750 dollars a month for had a $7,500 per person deductible and in my mind I wasn't going to pay what I knew would be seventy five hundred years at least seventy five hundred dollars for a broken wrist at least I fixed it myself I had the help of a great nurse and somebody who was an x-ray technician and they took a look at it told me it didn't need to be set so I bought a wrist thing and and immobilized it for eight weeks well it healed because I didn't want to incur the expense of going to a doctor and that was before I even had Parkinson Parkinson's disease which I have now or before my husband had cancer that's just the way we operated so we had insurance but it was as many of you here today that with the Obama care plans supposedly some of them are so expensive that people can't afford to go to the doctor well our catastrophic plan before ACA was even available was just the same and it covered nothing you've got one or two visits with my doctor per year and it really covered things so minimally that it wasn't even worth it but in our way of thinking the seventy five hundred seven hundred fifty dollars a month that we paid for that plan would protect us if anything if we ever got sick enough to lose the house or whatever and so that's it's just not right it's just not right and I'd be interesting interested to hear the experiences that other people have had so when is my situation now right now my husband is early in his cancer treatment it's going to be months where we've got five more sessions of chemo to go in the pool in a very preliminary round he needs a kidney removed and then there's going to be maintenance and everything after that so I'm looking at bills that I will will not be able to pay them up in our lifetime is it reasonable to have somebody sell their house you still have rent afterwards do you sell your house you pay some bills then you need a place to live and how are you going to find a place tough I mean you can't even we can't even sell enough assets to pay our hospital bills so what do you do and I guess that's my question what do you do and is it my is it is it just my problem or is this a national problem you know I understand if people don't empathize with my situation but I guarantee you someone in your family someone you love is going to have a health issue someday and you're going to have to be prepared with how you're going to deal with it and so I'll just leave you with that for this for this session how will you deal with it and as my father used to say one of his favorite sayings and pretty much my philosophy is no matter where you go there you are so here I am it's not a good place but I'm going to work through it I'll talk to you again bye


  1. I hope you can get a competent independent insurance broker to help you navigate the system. The best ones will advocate for you.

  2. All these expenses that you state about what A Nightmare American Healthcare are due to the fact that US Healthcare is run on Wall Street based for profit basis rather than on Universal Socialized basis that entire Developed World runs Healthcare, including Israel the BELOVED Nation of Republicans, Obama Democrats and right-wing Media. When are American People going to Wake Up and stand up to the War that Wall Street been waging on American People from Healthcare to what have you! WHEN!

  3. Thanks for sharingđź‘Ť very educational, I shared your video on Twitter hopefully it'll get you a little more exposuređź‘Ť

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