An early taste of emergency medicine

Oh we want you to practice on the arm so that you feel comfortable handling equipment how to do it safely scarily this little chamber here is going to fill up at the UMass Medical School there are multiple interest groups based on different specialties and so the e mid EMI G stands for more soon as an interest group and this is a student-driven group run by primarily first and second-year officers who decide that they are interested in emergency medicine and the mission is to promote the idea of what is emergency nurse and all about to sponsor an organized events around the specialty of emergency medicine that is really just educational informative that for students who might really want to consider ver SI no sanas require this particular event is called a simulation workshop or emergency medicine workshop your to still coming from the side down it down over here one station is intubation one station is IV phlebotomy watch then I think the psychic you definitely my one station is ultrasound and all the way down until you don't see any more kidney and so an intubation they get the experience of what does it mean to place a tube down somebody's breathing airway in order to ventilate them when they cannot breathe you want to come straight out you want to lock your wrists when you're in the second station for IV is the experience of what it means to place an intravenous catheter into a vein sweet voice fills up every year and then the third one is ultrasound and how does ultrasound used in emergency medicine for certain questions such as a trauma patient this is my debut as a gallbladder model do you remember really quickly what what areas you look for as far as the fast example I think emergency medicine is really interesting because it covers so much of everything I think you get to dab into a little bit of all the realms and see all the anatomy and the whole body in little blips and snippets and so kind of getting and we're going through Anatomy right now so getting to see Anatomy interaction via ultrasound etceteras was really neat this is not to make anyone a master of the skills here some students may think they are afterwards but it's really to give a taste of the most common ones get them interested in medicine give an early exposure to clinical skills which right now first and second year you don't get a lot of when your head is in the book a lot of times the best way to learn some tasks and tools it really should be done on simulators and this is just an example of one of those where you can do it safely have the the right instruction with it and they'll be no harm to the patient and this is the first time we really got to go through and had someone explain what we're seeing on the screen instead of just black and white you

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