An Easier Start to Therapy with Specialty Expedite™

Getting started on a specialty medication can be a very different process from that of a traditional drug. Members may wonder… How do I get my medication? What is the status of my order? Who do I go to if I have questions? The process can also be complex for patients and the health care system as prior authorization is often required. The back and forth by phone, fax and email can take several weeks! That’s where Specialty Expedite comes in. CVS Specialty® created this innovative onboarding solution to help streamline the PA and benefits verification process and help members get appropriate medication faster, while keeping them informed along the way. Here’s how it works. The prescriber sends a new prescription to CVS Specialty through their electronic health record system. We then use our system connectivity to electronically gather the information needed to process the prescription. We can immediately perform benefits and safety checks, confirm important clinical details and initiate the PA process – if needed – to help reduce the time between prescribing and the start of therapy. Specialty Expedite shortens the onboarding process to as little as three days, while still following rigorous clinical standards and your utilization management and plan design strategies. For members who have opted in to receive digital communications, we send a message to let them know we received their prescription – sometimes while the member is still in the physician’s office. We’ll also send them digital messages to let them know if a PA is required, when their prescription is approved, when their order is on its way and more. Our skilled clinicians stay connected with the member throughout their health care journey to help them stay on track. With Specialty Expedite, members stay informed every step of the way, get started on their appropriate therapy sooner and have a better experience. It’s a win all around!

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