1. Bottom line – Marc Siegel was entirely wrong about every one of the points, AND was a gullible shill. I am certain that nobody was shocked, of course.

  2. We had full competition before Obama — and we did see how it worked (clue/spoiler) : it didn't control or lower prices.

  3. Oh look, current plan does NOT allow re-importation of drugs and does NOT allow medicare to negotiate with drug companies.

  4. Health Savings accounts have nothing to do with knowing the prices and even knowing the prices has shown to have NO effect on being able to control them. If an EKG cost $500, then sure, try saying "can we just do the surgery without the EKG"? or "what if we don't check for rhabdo, cause aspirin is way cheaper?"
    Both of those are basically a free ticket to the morgue.

  5. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN Obama Care! I lost my Beloved Husband Mark March 4, 2016 because of Obama Care which is Death Care! Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane

  6. Now you realize the "lines" idea didn't make the repeal and replacing of Obama care pass. It failed to pass. Lies lies lies. Trump never had a real plan.

  7. Since there's been an objection to men "having to pay for women's care" in Obamacare, does DrumpfCare have a mandate for women to pay for men's ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION aka VIAGARA aka limp dick syndrome ???

  8. it's sad it's sad I believe they say payback is a bitch and he's trying to get paid back because of what Obama has done he doesn't want his kid and now all poor people have to pay for this

  9. He's a disaster not obamacare!! I'm paying six hundred bucks a month less than I did when dickhead bush was in office it's way cheaper now!! fucking delusional!! I was right, he wants to take the name obamacare and change it to trumpcare. he's a thief, just like the whole party.

  10. Trumpcare in a nutshell: Big tax cuts for CEOs, penalize working folks for coverage lapses and lecture them against buying cell phones.. Trump is a genius, who knew health care could be this easy? Who knew? and best of all this hurts poor red state voters more than anybody. Trumpster, the gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Health savings accounts what a joke , when are middle class republicans going to realize that all it means is another tax shelter for the rich. A broken wrist costs about 8000 dollars to fix , a broken wrist ! How much for a more serious medical condition , or a long term one ? How long would it take for a middle class person to save 8000 dollars up ? Who is saving up for their kids and spouse ? Hopefully all they get is broken wrists , and not something more serious.

  12. What's better than universal health care. Health Care isn't a business. Why are health procedures so expensive, trump understands that it doesn't have to be so expensive. It's free (public) in Canada and Scotland. It costs a few dollars for surgical procedures in the middle east. Because they don't put profit first, they put the people first.

  13. I hated the fact that the Obamacare came with penalties for not buying meager health insurance plans that bordered on extortion. Some people benefited from it, but most often they were third parties.

    I'm not sure how Trump's plan will translate upon execution, but on the surface it sounds like a better alternative. I'm cautiously thinking "there's some sort of catch". I'm open to opinions of anyone that is well versed on this.

  14. This plan of his will not add up to better health care and better health for Americans, It is going to mean increased cost to the patients. This will act as a determinant and a barrier. An effective healthcare system is one on which people don't have to fork out money to see a doctor if they have a medical problem! good health is a universal human right! it shouldn't be something people have to buy back should they fall ill! I whole-heartedly disagree with his plan for Americas health care.

  15. medicare ALREADY negotiates prices. that's why medicare patients pay less for the same procedure than privately insured patients (on average)

  16. When it comes to healthcare, republicans are the biggest group of selfish assholes who don't know what they're talking about! If you have a pre-existing condition, your life is over!

  17. people talk crap about trump… but we need our freedom of choice. something obama care does not provide. obama care is forced upon you. you must have insurance or else. I'm 35 and in perfect health. so i don't need to be forced into spending my families money on something we don't need.

  18. Most Americans using the ER and not paying their bills are low income American citizens, not illegal immigrants. With Trump's "plan" another 10 million plus additional Americans would be uninsured to flood the ER's. This isn't reform, it's an even worse healthcare system than what we already have, which is shitty privatized healthcare for people under 65.

  19. So no mention of Trump's plan doing away with the ban on health insurers cherry picking customers and bringing back discrimination of people with preexisting conditions? That's what Trump's "plan" would do – kick Americans off their private health insurance plans if they have deadly diseases like cancer. Pathetic this "Doctor" didn't mention that little fact.

    Not to mention the whole idea of cross state health insurance plans would create a "race to the bottom" whereby the state with the worst regulations on private insurers would dominate the market, creating worse healthcare plans, not better. Trump's healthcare plan is the same old re-cycled crap Republicans have been pushing for decades. Ironic healthcare reform never actually happens under a Republican President. Under Dubya healthcare prices skyrocketed with zero reform. It would be the same under Trump.

  20. Obama just took $800 from my tax return, hows that for helping the poor person? Big Government takes $800 worth of food from a poor family. If anyone votes for Hillary it will stay like this, Please don't vote for Hillary. #Trump2016

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