Anaphylaxis | First Aid

elastic shock and an acute allergic reaction if someone is having an acute allergic reaction or is suffering from anaphylactic shock they may look like that not all cases of anaphylactic shock do look quite as severe and quite as obvious it’s possible for the person to just collapse for them to have a really severe breathing problem but if they’re asthmatic and asthma pump wouldn’t be helping it’s possible for them to have a rash without breathing problems or as I’ve said before have breathing problems without a rash the rashes are sort of hide like rash and boy connect each so if they’ve been prescribed an adrenaline auto injector then that is what they need to use the most common types are an independent jex or amber it this is a real epithet and this is how it would appear so this is what it looks like you hold it in the dominant hand you take off the cap and you would put it in the upper outer part of the thigh you should also be aware and checking the date on it and you should check that the solution that you can see through the viewing window is clear and not cloudy but if you have your echo pen you should be aware of those anyway and you should have an alert set up on your phone so that it tells you where your ever penned about to expire so the manufacturer or offers those as a registration okay so this casualty is having an acute allergic reaction so what she’s going to be doing is holding in her dominant hand she’s going to shake the F bet she’s good with the other hand remove the cap and she’s going to put it in the upper outer part of the thigh and hold it for 10 seconds for a minute ten seconds for the medication to actually go into where it needs to go so you hold it for 10 seconds then you remove the EpiPen you give very rough and then you would think about positioning the casualty the most appropriate position for whatever symptoms they’re suffering from so if you were very breathless and you were really struggling to breathe then I wouldn’t want to line you down and raise your legs because that’s going to make it harder for you to breathe I would probably pop you on the floor like this put me down on the floor and I would bend your knees into the lazy W position and pop something under there that will help your circulation slightly I would keep reassuring you and keep you as calm as possible because it’s extremely frightening having a really serious allergic reaction and the more scared and stressed you gets the harder it will be for you to breathe if you’re not having breathing problems but you are flushed all over you’re feeling really lightheaded and dizzy then the best position for you to be in is lying down and I would raise your legs so I’d raise your legs and put them onto some sort of a box or whatever I thought available and that will increase the circulation to your heart and brain if you’ve got someone that is feeling really lightheaded and you’re worried about their blood pressure has plummeted then you would not be getting them up again until the paramedics have arrived so even if they start to feel a little bit better and you have given an EpiPen I would be lying them down and keeping them in this position until I’m sure that I’ve got proper medical support you

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