Anatomy in action: Teaching Medicine at the University of Tasmania

I’m Dr Jamie Chapman, I’m a lecturer in the School of
Medicine. people have come and had their hands painted and everyone’s been really
impressed with our anatomical man We are doing our anatomical body painting it’s
one of the ways that we teach anatomy in the School of Medicine is a very
hands-on way to learn anatomy is almost like an anatomy in action so we’re
getting students to paint both the skeletal anatomy and muscular anatomy
and by painting the different parts they can actually see them move and can
interact with those components and see it in real life. We tried it for the
first time ever this year at the university in my unit; Human Biology which is a
first year unit for our Bachelor of Medical Research and the students really loved it. They really engaged with it, they enjoyed a break from just the normal looking down microscopes and
things actually got to paint each other and then they really engaged with it. We
use very engaging active ways to teach anatomy We’re one of the few universities in
Australia who actually offer dissection anotomy in ways to teach our medical
students. It’s another way in which we can teach anatomy to both medical and
non-medical students this is a very hands-on degree and you won’t get a
better experience or more practical experience than coming along and and
trying to do Bachelor of Medical Research or Bachelor of Medicine this way. We have the Menzies Research Institute we have the School of Medicine we have the
Wiking Dimentia Group so we have all of these areas of research which is very
unique to Tasmania and you don’t get a better experience of medical research.

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