Anatomy Lab Renovation at the KU School of Medicine – Kansas City

[ Music ] >> The health education building
was built and opened in 2017 and provides state of the
art learning for the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the School of
Health Profession. My name is Rob Simari and I’m
the Executive Vice Chancellor of the University of Kansas
Medical Center and I’m here on this wonderful bridge
that connects Orr-Major to the new health education
building on our campus. Now the HEB was completed
in 2017 and really represents a state
of the art learning environment for the Schools of
Medicine, School of Nursing, and School Health Professions. So I’m sure you recognize
this little hallway that goes into the gross anatomy lab with
the lockers here and take a peak in — you know what, let’s
not take a peak inside. This is not something I
really want to show you. This has not changed since 1975. If you were here in the
’80s, the ’90s, 2000s, or even just recently this
looks exactly the same. So it’s really important
to develop a state of the art gross anatomy
facility here in Kansas City to meet the needs
of the students. In the new facility it will
be bright, it will be clean, it will be decorated such that
the computer technology is present at each table so the
students will be able to dissect with continuous instruction
in a safe clean area. The Health Education Building
was built through the generosity of many donors, alumni, and
community leaders in Kansas City and throughout the state. For those who were not able to
participate or those who would like to participate again in
this process, we’re asking to for your support for
the Gross Anatomy Center. Each one of us has had
a profound experience in Orr-Major during our
time here at the med center. Each one of us that experience
changed forever how we think about patients and how
our careers developed. We would very much welcome
your participation and support as we finalize the
development of this center to forever change
health education at the Kansas University
Medical Center. Thank you. [ Music ]

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