Andersens Designer Series: Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

[Music] the bathroom is a defining room in any home bathroom renovations can be intimidating the space is often tight with fixed needs and budgets can easily blow out if you’re unsure of what you’re trying to achieve the renovation I’ll be showing you today is a project I completed recently taking into consideration that it’s a space that may one day be rented out it’s a great example of a bathroom that makes a statement whilst being durable and timeless when considering a bathroom renovation I always start with the basic but vital questions such as how many people are using this space and is it a private ensuite or a family bathroom this bathroom is a private ensuite in a guest master bedroom it’s meant to feel special but be functional and durable there wasn’t a need for a bath so he created a spacious walk-in shower considering the possible rental it was also important to think practically reducing the use of glass keeping it higher to keep it light at eye level but requiring less cleaning on a solid wall with tiling in a bathroom I always try to echo the rest of the house to create cohesion and make the space feel less like a separate area a trick I like to employ especially when on a budget is to choose a floor tile you love and where possible use a more affordable wall tile to reduce costs so you still get that wow factor from the floor but you haven’t spent an unnecessary amount of money it all comes from identifying the needs and limitations of the space then working through the different possible configurations until you get the best result like most things this can be a learning process so to avoid the pitfalls it helps to seek advice from someone with experience [Music]

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