Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD, D’87 MED’91 – Liberal Arts and Medicine

(serene music) – Undergraduate in
Dartmouth was wonderful. I ended up majoring in Religion, but taking all my premedical courses. That allowed me to grow. To grow my mind to learn more. I thought I wanted to do research, but I wasn’t sure and
there was an opportunity to do 10 hours a week in
one of the labs at Dartmouth and I ended up at a leukemia lab, which was interesting because fast-forward to my career in cancer now. My clinical trial work has
been in a very rare tumor called desmoplastic
small round cell tumor. A before I started doing research the survival rate was 15 to 20%. And now the survival has improved to 60% over the five year period. Now, we wanna get the home run. We wanna be able to actually cure patients with this disease. (empowering music)

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