Andrew Cripps – (Very Emotional) Depression & Anxiety Story

the year of 2010 I will never forget I wish it hard with depression it's like it was just there just looking at me constantly hospitalized sick mentally and physically an overwhelming feeling of nothingness just came over me sleepless nights eating habits change you become distant from everyone and everything constant stress tiredness all the time thoughts of just leaving it all behind you rapidly I lost weight I was passing out from exhaustion almost every day taken away in ambulances hospitalized to try and determine the main cause of what is going on with me family nor friends could understand I had no one to go to fighting it is the hardest part you cannot begin to explain what it's like to see your mother crying that that strong person in your life just breaking down and seeing your best friend in tears it's just hard to deal with I had so much that I wanted to achieve in life but I just had no motivation left it started to do a lot of bad things and realm with water bad people make a lot of bad choices I just wasn't me I was the sensitive kid I wasn't as tough as the other people around it was very easy for me to break down no one could understand the pain that I was going through so I thought what's the point I'm not getting anywhere in life I need a change in my life and you started I needed to find myself so what I eventually did was I got help and corn beyondblue was the best thing that I could have ever done because if it wasn't for them then I'd still be less than job you'll never know how easy it is to go and tell your loved ones go and tell your friends and you'll be surprised just how much they will love you and care for you and support you through this but it's important that you believe in yourself okay you're not to let anyone else drag you down okay because you are good enough you got it you got to get up and you got to keep going okay and don't let anything else drag you down


  1. Buddy i had a deep depression for 6 years but now i changed from one Who is nothing to a hero after psychological and Behavioral therapy. I apperciate to help others and a positive resource for people Who are around me.

  2. Im 19 yrs old and 100% of the message happens to me..its reallt hard to experience this type of disorder.Its lonely like you are in a very very dark amd quiet place

  3. After Christmas i was hospitalized for 9 days because of my suicide attempts in October. After I got out I was back in the hospital on the 22nd of January and got out the 30th, I was there for uncontrollable and persistent sducidal thoughts. They put me on anti depressants, but I am worse I started self harming and banging my head against Walls. I am planning my 3rd suicide attempt……

  4. Lucky you…you got friends, im all alone.. im hold all my pain, i let no one know wht i feel, i busy to take care of people feeling but most of thm just dont care wht i feel. All people around me just a same, thy just ignoring me…im crying but no one know, i do need help but no one understnd me, sometimes i thnk bout sucide but i cant lose my life for thm. In the end of the day…i just got my self to tell tht i am a strong guy, nobody can help me unless me…

  5. This video is so fancy with its special effects that it's hard to take seriously honestly. I think if you want to speak about depression, do it plainly.

  6. I'm 54 and throughout my life, roughly about every 5 to 8 years I get a feeling, I can't call it depression or anxiety as I've never been diagnosed, of doom, of my life coming to a end, what's the point in doing anything, a fascination with death and suicide.
    In a foreign country, unemployed because I got sectioned for 2 days and telling my boss of my suicidal thoughts, I thought we were meant to talk about it.
    I don't think I will ever work again.

  7. I have another way to rid of my depression and loneliness. I’m giving up on my life. I don’t have reason to stay alive and fight back. I miss old me, I was one the funniest person. And now just numb. A walking dead

  8. To anyone out there dealing with depression just remember you're never alone no matter how hard it gets! I also have a vlog on my channel about my depression and tips on how i overcome it daily. Would love for everyone to check it out please I really wanna help as many people as I can! Stay strong

  9. I’d tell my parents, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. I’d tell my friends, but they won’t care. I can’t get help without telling anyone if it’s just gonna get worse

  10. This is the most relatable thing I have ever heard, at least the lonely and no one understands part of it I havent gotten help and dont know how

  11. i am also facing depression but i realize that die is not solution i now in this type of situation we lost everything goodwill, praise, hope and friends also. life becomes shameful, helpless after all that die is not solution hme ek bar ye sochna chahiye h what is going on yrr. if i will die to kya hoga sb khtm everything is finish. hm piche sirf suspense chod kr chale jate h nobody knows what happened. everything is over this the real fear of life. our lives are prescious.people dont understand. they always need a topic write now you tommorrow koi aur hoga .

  12. I don't think anything or anyone could help me. I don't even feel sorrow anymore. I just don't see the point of anything.

  13. I give you a channel in which my energy will be siphoned into you. I care now and forever will. Remember you keep me going. Without you my world is a lonely place. lets get together and celebrate your victory over this challenge life presented. Continue being the guiding light to others stuck in darkness. from henceforth we are joined.

  14. Depression and anxiety came in stages for me, ever since I was a young teen I struggled, but it gradually got worse and worse, right up until I was 18, then I stayed stagnant and miserable for a long time, finally came out of it when I was 22, I’m 23 now and starting to struggle again!

    I’ve had a glimpse of happiness, and I’m certain I can bring myself back to that, and go beyond it!

  15. 31 dec 2014 was the last time i smiled i remeberd till now the tears cant stop shutting down from my eyes… its been 5 years im in extreme level of depression sometimes i took drugs to overcome but i was wrong now iam at worst stage… its like a long dark night in which iam losted for ages and i want a light to guide me the way but my mind constant suicide thoughts and attempts doesnt let me live… i want to die…

  16. No I am alone. How many people do you know that their mum makes them want to kill your self, control them at 14 years old like they’re 5 and drinks alcoholic like a madwoman. How many people do you know who’s mum is narcasistic, toxic, beats their kids dad and manipulates the kid. How many people do you know that starve themselves Becuase they’re fat? How many people do you know that binge eat Becuase they’re so lonely and depressed. How many people do you know that self harm daily and constantly judged themself. How many people do you know that when the person tells people this directly, they care at the time but not a day later. My Instagram profile listed me as extremely suicidal but 2/750 people questioned, 1/750 pushed after I said I’m fine. My mum found out I texted my cousin that I was suicidal, she didn’t check if I was ok, she was worried my cousin told her mum and now she looks like a bad parent. School is my only escape but even that’s bad. The uniform makes me tuck in my shirt and I’m fat enough already with it untucked, I can’t wear a jumper Becuase it’s too hot and I can’t deal with myself any season of the year. School is where I starve myself the most, normally go 1 small meal a day anything under 1000 kcal and I feel great. The holidays killed that feeling. All I do is sit at home and play fortnite, binge eat my fridge and feel sorry for myself. I planned how to kill myself. I wrote a book long suicide not that took 1.5 days of non stop writing. How many people do you know go through all that at just 14 years young? tell me I’m not alone.

  17. That moment when you've been binge watching inspirational videos and all about depression and anxiety and anorexia for years but it does no good…you're still numb and distant and you just feel so fucking alone…when your parents say you're a failure and that you ruined their lives…when you tried to get help but they just laugh at you so you say "what's the bloody point?nobody understands" that moment when you realise no one will help you…that you're completely on your own….that moment when you're done with everything…. people with depression don't want to kill themselves bcoz they just want to die…suicide is just a way to get all the pain to stop…no…we don't want attention… all we want is help…please tell me I'm not the only one…

  18. me too. I get depressed a lot, but im happier than i have been in the past 3 years. If anyone needs to talk hit me up on instagram: jake.38_ if you EVER need to talk, i can talk w you. I understand a lot, and i dont want anyone to feel like they have nobody. I can be your person whenever you need me because people need a person. <3

  19. Anxiety and depression is like a demon raring down everything that makes you happy and that's why it's so hard to overcome but just keep blevins in your self trust me I know it's hard I have really bad anxiety but you can do it because your never alone and I belive in anyone going through this and I belive that one day we can overcome

  20. Is it bad that i feel depressed for absolutely no reason at all like i have both my parents my home life is fine i dont get bullied at school i just am extremely shy and have only maybe 4 four true friends i feel guilty because i have no to be depressed whenever there are people out there who have no parents no home to go to after school

  21. Thank you Andew. God loves you. We are his children. He loves us. I am very depressed u r helping me to hang on. God bless you. Warm hugs.

  22. you are so young this will get better I am so glad you got help. I wish I got help in my teens and not find out about mental illness in my late forties…my marriage would have lasted and would have been a better mother.

  23. I'm 56 years old and have suffered with depression and anxiety for over forty years. Doctors refuse to treat me, the people who should be helping me get well tell me I should just go on social assistance and stop being a problem for them. I've done everything I can by myself. I'm still suffering, worse than ever now that the family that I called mine have shunned me because of my disease. I have no future, I have no hope. That is depression for me and it's winning.

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