Andrew Yang on Healthcare: Does He Support Medicare For All or a Public Option?

you are basically known as the ubi guy when we think Andrew yang we think about universal basic income and I do want to talk to you about that however I actually want to start with some different policy positions that we haven't necessarily heard as much from you on so the first one is when you go to your website there are three key policy planks so the first one of course is you VI the second is medicare-for-all and the other is human centered capitalism which i guess is more of a philosophy but I still think that that's pretty helpful because it kind of gives us a sense of what you believe in now going to Medicare for all when I click on Medicare for all what you seem to be describing is more of a public option and at the CNN Town Hall you did somebody asked you about health care and you said that you're firmly in the camp of Medicare for all slash public option but my question to you is these are two very different programs so which one is it which do you actually want to implement as president in my book you know it's like I was a little bit ambiguous in terms of those two things as well but I've come to believe that that a public option would be better and also to enable a better transition and the goal is to make it frankly such that most private insurance has no place in the market and and that you get rid of it with the save for perhaps a few super gold-plated concierge things that might not be a bad thing for the American people because if some really rich people are spending lots of money on esoteric treatments then we can benefit from that research and the money so at this point the plan that I saw that I've now gone on board with has been bringing down the Medicare eligibility age over time as a phased rollout and then make it so that all Americans become eligible for that try and get the prices down and the access up and then essentially squeeze out the private insurers out of the marketplace and demonstrate because if you most consumers if you tell me hey I've got this low-cost quality public option I'm going to embrace that I'm gonna jump on that and you can make that happen I think much more expediently than if you were to make private insurance illegal so you actually do want to make public insurance illegal that's that's the long-term goal I want to make it so that private insurance is irrelevant for you know ninety-five percent plus of Americans that we're all perfectly happy showing up to our medical health care provider and saying hey you know I'm Andrew I'm here I've got the plan everyone has and and my parents actually experienced this they were blown away my parents are immigrants from Taiwan and they've been living in Taiwan for the last number of years and they've been blown away by the disparities between that health care system where they just show up they get what they need done they paid 20 bucks out-of-pocket and then they go home and are like that was it like I didn't have any crazy boobs are like third party and then none of that and they come back to the US and then all of a sudden it's back into the the maze the high-cost maze right okay so let me ask you this since your goal is to make private health insurance companies irrelevant even though it's obvious that if you do have a public option they'd be forced to compete and a lot of people would probably opt for the government-run plan because it would be more cost efficient it would provide more robust benefits but if your goal ultimately is to do away with private insurance companies why not just go the extra step and opt for Medicare for all especially if you become president because this is what I'm visualizing let's say President Andrew yang is proposing a new health care reform policy if you start with public option Republicans are going to negotiate you down from that initial position so if your goal actually is public option why not start with strength and say we're gonna do Medicare for all and then if you get negotiated down to a public option then you still come out on top why not opt for the more robust comprehensive plan because the real key difference here is Medicare for all would make health care free at the point of service if you want to actually do away with private insurance companies there's no better way to do that really than just implementing medicare for all . exactly exactly so why not do that . i i'd like you're negotiating approach you know i already very much a purist on medicare for all yeah i think anchoring them high is a very good a good first step if you said right now hey andrew your choice is is medicare for all single-payer get rid of private insurance or current plan i would say we should definitely go yesterday you know that the question really is what the path and what the transition looks like and i think that the transition would be marginally better if we weren't putting all these private insurance companies out of business on the same day well to be clear the medicare for all proposals in the house and senate they actually have a four year transition period the senate version has four years and the House version has two years so it wouldn't necessarily be an overnight transition just to be yeah I mean that's but they did still theoretically all go out of business on the same day four years from now and so so I'm not against your suggestion like I think philosophically you and I are aligned on the gold and the vision I mean the vision is in the richest most advanced economy in the world why are we all going broke on our health care why are these prices so ridiculous no Paik why are we more stressed out if we get sick or injured about paying for treatment that we are actually getting well or caring for our loved ones and i'm for any path that it gets us there if i believe that we can make single-payer happen and that transition is superior i'd be happy to start with that well and let me just make one last pitch for medicare for all to you not to beat a dead horse but currently medicare for all is polling at seventy plus percent among the general population over eighty percent among democrats and fifty-one percent among republicans now when you pull them on a public option it still is popular but currently medicare for all has name recognition and i think this is why you're seeing other presidential candidates there taking a public option and they're attaching that Medicare name for it so for example Pete Buddha judge has Medicare for all who wants it better or work has Medicare for America and you have Medicare for all so III think that there is that popularity that you can sell to the American public so that's just one last thing that I'll say so let me tell you this as a medicare-for-all purist I hope that I will see a president yang push relentlessly for Medicare for all because if you really want to do away with the health insurance companies there's no better way to do that than Medicare for all


  1. Props to Mike for not losing it with 'Chuckles Yang' when questioning about M4All versus Public Option. I don't care that Yang's worried about insurance companies all going out of business at once. He didn't seem like he's given the topic much actual thought or research. Mike shouldn't have to tell Yang about the M4All polling, and for a guy who is supposedly a great businessman, Mike shouldn't have to explain to Yang basic negotiation technique. Yang's laughing made me want to smack him… I have Stage 4 Renal Disease, my husband has Type 1 insulin dependent Diabetes, and our daughter has severe Autism and life threatening conditions, and she'll age out of being on our insurance in a few years. I find nothing funny about this. As Mike has pointed out in another video, he has a baby niece with extreme health problems, and the look on Mike's face was like he was using all his effort not to tell Yang off.

  2. Private health insurance is immoral. Everyone has a right to medical, dental, & vision. Private companies can cover boob jobs.

  3. I want a public option and a private option. What if the people on those policies do not want medicare? Are they going to be FORCED into medicare? Remember, if you control the money which flows into an industry, you control the industry.

  4. He admits on Ben Shapiro's show that he's not for Medicare for All, he states there's got to be some skin in the game on an individual level because some people are hypochondriacs saying dumb crap like that he's lost my interest I'm still with Bernie!! and if they cheat him Tulsi..

  5. I don't think your response in the end got through to Yang at all. he is open to changing his opinions

  6. Glad to see rebuttals in the comments defending Yang's practicality in his proposed transition. He is absolutely for Medicare for All. He's just not stupid enough to bash his head against a defensive wall he would CREATE by strictly attempting to outlaw the private sector.

    Yang's strength is in how ruthlessly reasonable and efficient his policies are, such that he can get almost anyone in any arena to agree with him. If he starts pushing black or white, David vs Goliath policies, he absolutely loses his greatest asset.

  7. I have mixed feelings on this upgraded M4A answer from Yang. I'm glad he fully supports ending our reliance on private medical insurance but… Also, wtf he hasn't read the M4A bill?!?!

  8. I generally have a favorable opinion of Andrew Yang but boy did he bungle his responses to Mike here. He seems seriously out of his depth and his nervous laughter accentuates how ill-versed he is on the subject of Medicare for All. I don't think he's actually opposed to Medicare for All for ideological or political reasons (like the moderate Democratic candidates pretending to support Medicare for All are); I think he simply doesn't know enough about the subject. Hopefully this interview will push him to more clearly and unambiguously support Medicare for All and help him prepare better answers when he's asked about this in the future.

  9. So essentially his plan is to phase out private insurers instead of switching to single payer overnight?

  10. Andrew yang wants a 1,000 ubi because most Americans have zero in saving and living paycheck to paycheck and cant handle a unexpected bill. As far as the $15 dollar minimum wage hes not for a federal increase, he has said repeatedly hes for states/local governments raising it up to that if they want because a federal increase across the board at that level causes problems and the states/local will know much more how to go about it more effectively.

    He supports unions and by giving every worker 1,000 dollars to fall back on hes probably the biggest supporter of unions by giving them more leg room since the workers can protest without losing nearly as much and empowers workers not in unions with the same.

    Ubi gives something to fall back on, whether your in a good place or bad it's always there for any situation and your kids when they are 18. Dont qualify for a program or Republicans cut your programs or your program is still gutted and hard to live on? You have ubi to fall back on. Your living in the streets completely homeless? Now you have 1,000 to use on getting a place or food.

    Ubi also weeds out the majority of Americans in programs that only need a few hundred dollars and with less people in those programs because of ubi the money can be allocated to the most needy of current programs instead of catering to the mass that dont need it as much.

    Giving the 1,000 ubi also allows people to go into many differnt jobs they otherwise wouldnt be able to instead of being forced to work for the government or their job to get by and can instead be a stay at home parent, another job that's easier on them but doesnt pay as much, start a business, maybe a job they enjoy doing but the start up cost or money earned might not be enough to stay in it like independent journalism or small start up farming or even as far out there as being a youtuber entertaining people.

    The thing is this system would allow people to test things or give them opportunities that are very specific only to them that no other idea out by candidates can give. The bad part about his ubi is in specific circumstances his ubi doesnt help but the majority of people will be helped by it or just by having it there will help them or be a place holder until things are done specifically for them when right now they have nothing.

  11. Btw, Yang's argument and reasoning on MC4A is the same as Elisabeth Warren's in the Young Turks interview she did.

  12. Great interview Mike!
    Yang seems to be in the same camp as Elisabeth Warren here. Not super excited… He's definitely better than the corporate dems, and if he is the nominee, I will support him in the general, but Bernie, Gravel and Tulsi so far have better policy platforms.
    Tier 1: Bernie, Gravel, (Tulsi with some reservations) – fully support
    Tier 2: Elisabeth Warren and Andrew Yang – will support in the general, but not the primary
    Tier 3: Everybody else – Hard pass.

  13. I knew this guy was faking the funk, not really for Medicare for all, doesn't want to raise taxes on the rich and big corporations, wants deregulations… he's trying to trick people with UBI but he sounds more and more like a libertarian Trojan horse

  14. Superb interview. Why do we have to rely on YouTube channels to hold politicians to account? Much as I like Yang, this just isn't good enough. Bernie is the only candidate worth his salt.

  15. Is this a Medicare Buy in or gov funded generally by taxes and other things? Because if it’s buy in the quality and price depends much on who signs in so I don’t agree with buy in at all.

  16. Thank you for this interview Mike. I wasn't sure on Yang before. Now I definitely know, he doesn't have my vote.

  17. Yeah. Yang is very weak on this point and this is the most trascendental point. Sounded like a politican that tells you what you want to hear.

  18. Yang doesn't seem well versed on this subject and winds up spitting out a word salad of incongruent policy options.
    BTW, note that a public option alone does not get us closer to Medicare for All because, as the ACA is currently written, this would only be available on the exchanges and hence not available to the majority of Americans, who get their health insurance through employment. Currently, if your employer provides insurance, you may not shop on the exchanges. Therefore additional changes are required to truly bring this option to the majority of Americans.

  19. This is how you do a progressive interview!
    I have a lot of respect for Jimmy Dore but his Yang interviews were just him berating Andrew and not offering any solutions, It was too combative. Andrew's a nerd (said with love), He's a data driven candidate.
    I'm sure that if informed, about these bullsh*t political games by corporatist, he'd change his strategy.
    People need to stop demonizing Yang because he isn't perfectly politically literate (Obama was and he still got his @ss handed to him).
    Compassion, intelligence, integrity and strength are what we need to focus on.
    Someone that can't be bullied like Obama and Clinton, Someone that knows about and despises money in politics.
    I've never heard of a corrupt greedy bastard helping students become entrepreneurs.
    Yang is a good egg in my book.

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