Angela Calderon PA-C – Family Medicine Physicians Assistant – Profile

My name is Angela Calderon, I’m a Physician Assistant, I’ve been in practice here in Arizona since 2007. I do love educating patients and working with
them to kind of meet their goals in health and giving them some control, but also, steering
that direction. I always like to encourage but also give them
attainable goals or steps throughout their growth, whether it’s weight loss, or getting
their blood sugars down so they can get off of medication. Involving their whole family and getting on
a healthier diet plan and just getting that healthy lifestyle. Now, I try to practice what I preach and my
kids, they love asparagus and peas and broccoli. You know, a lot of people are surprised but
I feed my kids what I want them to eat and that becomes some of their favorite foods. I like to incorporate what I’m trying to get
my patients to do as well. Well, as far as setting goals for health, I
usually like the patient to set more attainable goals and build up on that. So, I usually suggest, you know, for one week
to pick one diet goal and one activity or exercise goal for that week and try to stick
to it, but also to make it something that’s attainable. So maybe it’s: This week I’m going to focus
on my water intake and less sugary drinks, and that’s going to be my dietary goal and
as far as activity, I’m going to make sure I’m walking 30 minutes for 3 times this week. But the biggest thing too is that if there
is a miss or a day where, you know, you really didn’t drink all of the water or you had 5
sodas or whatever it is, you wake up the next day and you still start with that same challenge
and go forward and don’t let that deter you. You know, I wanna see patients achieve positive
health and obviously in health there are things we can’t control that are negative, but catching
those things early on or as early as we can, guiding them through those difficult problems,
getting them with the right specialists, or if it’s about something that can be prevented or improved and getting them to a better status for their health.

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