Angels and Demons Talk 2: Superstition by Bro. Bo Sanchez

Hi this is Bo Sanchez and welcome to
Kerygma TV! We’re going to talk about a very sensitive subject. What would that
be? Superstitions! Whoa! But we’re gonna dive
in and we’re gonna open the word and we’re gonna see what God says about
these superstitions and you know, there are two approaches that we can take. One, is
to reject them all outright or do we see some good in them? That’s the question
we’re gonna ask today. Can I see the hands of all the happy people here?
Praise God! Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! We’re gonna have a great time
today. We’re gonna talk about something so interesting and so powerful today.
We’re gonna talk about superstition. That’s right! This is talk to the second
installment of our series on Angels and Demons but before we do that, I want to
first greet all those who are tuned in internet, TV, whatever feast life, later on.
We know that you guys are always here, and we thank you for your faithfulness
to always stay tuned and joining us. Wherever you are, we know that God is
there with you. Amen. Are you guys ready? Then here we go.
EverybodyI in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
All the hands lifted up in the air and say this with me, Today, I receive all
of God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded,limitless,
overflowing abundance of God’s universe. Today, I opened myself to God’s blessings, healing,
and purpose.Today, I opened myself to God’s word, so that I become more like jesus everyday.
Today,I proclaim that I’m God’s beloved. I am God’s servant. I am God’s powerful champion.
And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world.In Jesus’ name. Amen. Thy word is the lamb unto my feeth
And the light unto my path I’m going to delay the reading of the
word. I’m gonna do it much much later on because right now, I want to give you our
one big message. Not sure if you’re ready for this one big message, but I want to
tell you that, this message alone is gonna bless you like it has blessed us
when we were preparing for it. In fact, if you need to leave right after I tell you
this, you’re gonna feel blessed already. Even if I stop my message just giving
you the one big message, you’re gonna feel blessed already. Are you ready for
this? Our one big message for today is, if you’ve ever felt that you feared that
many times that you had a lack in your life, there was a shortage you felt that
God wasn’t blessing you enough, that you had you had so much needs in your life.
Have you ever felt like that? Here’s my one big message for you,
God is enough! Amen. You better clap your hands to that
cause that’s the word. God is enough! First, I want to speak to you about one
of the most popular superstitious believes, that we not only as a country
or a nation, but just as human beings we believe in. It’s something that
maybe at one point in your life, you’ve come across and maybe you even
believed it. You find it in newspapers and magazines. You know what I’m talking
about. It’s called the Horoscope. You know the horoscope right? Horoscope
for those of you who don’t know it, it’s really just a forecast.
Everybody say forecast. It’s a forecast of your future. You know of what will
happen to you and it’s based on the stars and the planets. The way it
aligned. The way that it positioned. The day you were born. How many of you want
a forecast of your year today? I’m gonna give you a forecast of your
year. Can I do that? You want a forecast of your year? Yes? All right! I’m gonna do it
today. I’m gonna do it today. People who are born October 24 to November 21.
Scorpio people. Born this month. Raise your hand. All right! I’m gonna give you your
forecast but first, two kinds of forecasts, all right! Two
categories. The two most famous categories that people always want to
ask. Love life and money. All right! So here it is, for people who are born
October 24th of November 21, this is your love life forecast. Okay, listen up! The
next two weeks will be a very pleasurable experience for you. It is
written in the stars. You are destined to be together . Oh wait! I thought it is
Pisces. Sorry, better luck next time. Money matters. Don’t worry. Money matters. This is really gonna be good.
You will be rich on the 15th and the 30th but you will be broken, the 16th and
the 31st. Cause you have a lot of debt! Sagittarius people, in the
very 22 to December 21, this is your love forecast, all right! Love life. On the
13th, somebody will mistake you as Anne Curtis
or Piolo Pascual. Just smile and say, “I was wakeful all night”.Here’s your money forecast.
you will be buried and in debt for the next three months, but it’s okay. You look like Anne and Piolo
already, then you still want to be rich? Are you really that lucky? Capricorn people, December 22 to January
19. Love life. Wear a yellow polka dot bikini on the 10th and you will find
love. Oh! You’re a guy? K. You can wear blue. Money matters! Treat us with burgers!
Aquarius, January 22 to Feb 18. Love life. Move on girl! Money Matters.
Repeat after me. Move on and let go! Oh were talking about money? Just move on!
Pisces! Everybody! February 19th to March 20. Here’s your love life. Your
future husband is just around the corner. As to which corner? Wait a minute!
The crystal ball is very choppy! Money matters. Are you really hoping? Aries people.
Celebrating from March 21 to April 19. Love life. You will take a break from love this
month! Why? Because its the final submission of income tax return.
That’s why your money forecast here it, is sometimes. Just sometimes.
Taurus people, April 22 to May 30. Here it is your love life forecast, sorry!
No vibrations today! Please come back next week. Yes ! We tell fortunes even on Sundays! Money matters. Finally! You be able to afford that
pair of pants on the 16th but your size is out of stock. Gemini.
May 21 to June 21. Love life. Sorry just won’t do. Just explain in the precint.
Money matters. You will finally have money on the 25th or 30th
but you will lose it immediately to a certain Zara. Cause their merchandise is so expensive.
Cancer. June 22 to July 22. Love life. It’s not you, it’s me! Have ou heard that already? Money matters. You will be lucky on the
18th because the taxi driver would not ask for an additional fare. So lucky, right?
Love-life. Leo.July 23 to August 22. Love life. There’s somebody too much and
it’s sad when you know that it’s your heart, that you can’t
trust. Money matters. Baby, sometimes love just aint enough. Virgo! We’re
almost there. Virgo, August 23 to September 22.
Love life. Next question please. Mody matters. You will be broke on the
13th but you will still buy Starbucks anyway cause you are hard headed and lastly,
the Libra people. From September 23 to October 23. Love: if you love someone you
say it right, then out loud, or the moment will just pass you by.
Opps! Times up! Money matters. Don’t buy anything from the 20th to the 29th.
There’s a special sale on the 30th. You know, let me explain something to you.
The reason why horoscopes like this or any horoscopes for that matter are so
popular is because it really applies to everybody. Can apply to you. It can apply
to me.It can apply to anybody. Here you read the horoscopes and it says, today look
at the both sides of the road before crossing. Beware of a speeding truck. I
mean, you’re supposed to look both sides before you cross the road. Right? We all
know that, but somehow when you go out of the of the house, all of a sudden,
you’re getting rattled. You keep on looking right, left, right ,left,right.
There might be a speeding truck. Sometimes, we think that it applies
to all of us, because it makes sense to all of us. Horoscopes were
designed really to just tell you whether you’re going to be
lucky or unlucky, at any given day of the year, but can I give you some good news?
Yes? You want some good news? My friends, you don’t need a forecast or a zodiac
sign to tell you whether you’re going to be lucky today
or unlucky next month or unlucky next year. You only need one sign and that’s
the sign of the Cross to tell you that blessings are gonna be chasing after you. They are coming after you like a speeding truck! That’s all you need. The horoscope cannot
tell you my friend what will happen to you in your future, but instead, can I
propose something else? Can I give you a real forecast? Are you sure?
A real forecast all right! It says that Jeremiah, book of jeremiah, this is God’s
forecast for your life. It says “For I know the plans that I have for you
declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you” How many people want to prosper?
I got good news! That’s part of the plan! That’s one of God’s plan and he said
that’s right there, I have plans to give you hope! How many
people want hope? It’s still part of the plan. Here’s the
best part God says, “I have plans to give you a good future.” You know,
that it’s from God, it’s gotta be good. Amen? Tell the person, the one beisde you,
“When it’s from God, its gotta be good.” Tell that person, the one you din’t picked the first time,
“God’s got big plans for you!” That’s right! Because my friends, the truth is, let me say it again, in case you didn’t hear it
the first time, if you’re ever gonna struggle, cause you’re gonna need this
message this year.Even the moment you walk out of this hall. If you’re
ever gonna struggle, thinking that you don’t have enough, I want to say it
again, God is enough! He’s more than enough to
fill every need in your life! Thank you Jesus! Can you all bow down your
heads? Let me pray for you real quick. Thank You Jesus for your word today that
is alive and active. We thank You that this is opening our minds to something
new, something different, something we’ve never heard. And today, You’re gonna still
open up so much more. Continue to walk with us today Jesus for we want only a
word only, your message to speak through us . May You speak through our next
preacher,that it would be so powerful that every heart, here would walk out of
here I completely changed and brand new. Thank You so much for your love. We honor
You. We bless you,and we love You. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen. Who do you trust? At the end of the day,
that’s the question. Like every morning, when you wake up,
I pray you say, God is enough! So wonderful! Can everybody say God that is
enough? That’s our message for today as we speak about superstitions. Superstitions
are the big thing in many people’s lives. I’m gonna do a survey here. How many of
you at one point in your life whether that’s five years from now or 10 years
from you know ,you were a kid. At one point in your life you
believed and practiced at least one superstition? Can you raise your hand?
thank you. I remember when I was a kid, I was told if you broke a
mirror, what will happen? You’ll suffer seven years of bad luck.
Wow! But I did I did research. You know what?
Some years ago centuries ago , a mirror was fairly expensive. Do you know how
much? Ask me how much. It was worth seven years of wages. So, you understand that
like when I was a kid, I was very careful with the mirror. Oh my gosh seven years
of bad luck! Well, during the olden times if you broke a mirror, you will have seven
years of bad luck because you have to pay for it for seven years! How about
this… My aunt used to tell me when I was a kid,
she saw me cutting my fingernails in the evening. You two were told? It was bad
luck. She told me “No no no no no, do it in the morning ,not in the evening!”
and you know I’m 51. So right now so that happen when I was a kid. My aunt was
so much older than me and you know what she told me? “My mother told me.” So it was
many many years ago, and probably during the time of her mother, there was no
electricity. Now think about it. If you cut your fingernails by candlelight. I
want you to know , you might not cut fingernails, you might cut fingers. And so
maybe that’s the reason why! How about this? Do not walk under the ladder.
This is common sense. I mean they explained it in some way like the ladder
was a triangle. It represented the Trinity. Therefore. you should know it’s
common sense you know. That if you walk under the ladder, there is a probability
that your skull will have a new shape! Right? How about this? How many of you did
this when you wanted good luck you? Crossed your fingers. Right? Right?
Now please understand, I did some research. and this is what I found out.
They use this to symbolize the cross of Jesus. It’s true! But we turned it into
superstition. How about this? When you eat and then they clear the plates around you, you will remain single for the rest of
your life. So if the person beside you is single, tell the person “Now you know. You
know who to blame.” but what if it was just etiquette? What if it was just an
effort of people? They put it in a superstitious language. just to tell
everybody, don’t do that or how about this? When you’re eating in a meal with
other people, and one of them stands up before everyone does and it has to leave
right away. What should the other people do? Turn the
plane. Again, why? No connection, whatsoever. But perhaps it was just to tell
everybody that meals are so important. You should not leave early. you should
stick around! You know what I believe? There are two ways to approach
superstitions. One is to demonize them, to say they’re all created by the devil.
To discern them, and loudly say maybe there’s practical purposes here. How about this?
When I was a kid, someone told me that if a black cat crosses in front of you, Oh gosh! Bad luck!
how many of you were scared when a black cat crosses in front? I have classmates
here. You know what? I freaked out when I was a kid and I visited my classmate, you
see. You see this was the explanation. If you see a black cat crossing in front of
you, that could be the demon shaped in a black cat. Because it’s so scary like in
the evening, you see those green eyes glowing with that black … So,
I freaked out! Really freaked out when I visited my classmate’s house and I
saw on her lap the demon. Her pet was a black cat. I said “What in the world
are you doing?” Anyway, I was a kid then. And then a few years later, you know what
I found out? Ask me what. If you go to Japan, if you go to in Britain, in
Scotland and in some parts of France, do you know that a black cat for them meant
prosperity was coming? And I was reading that and I was saying, “Can you
please make up your mind? It’s a black cat! bad luck or good luck?” Here’s the
other thing, number 13. And everybody says it is bad luck. Yes or no? My gosh! Any
kind of 13, people want to cross it out. They are scared of 13. Friday the 13th.
Let’s just on the house. Nobody moves, you know! Nobody! but if you go to China,
number 13 for them is a good luck! Can you please make up your mind? and here’s my
point. Everybody say, what’s the point? Louder!
What’s the point? What you believe is true for you. Here’s my point.
Superstition, it’s not powerful at all. There’s no power in superstition. What’s
powerful is your belief. You got whhat I’m saying? That’s where the power comes!
Whether you believe in it or not! You tell me, “Brother Bo, when we
construct our house, should be killing a chicken?” If you believe in
it ,it’s gonna be powerful and I advise you not, but man! Where’s your belief? God is your strength. God is your joy. God
is your companion. I pray that more and more, you will say
that every day. Think about it. You know, they had an experiment. They got a group
of golfers and then they divided them into two groups, and then they gave each
of the golfers a golf ball before they play except with one difference. In Group
one, golf ball, golf ball, golf ball, go and play. Group two use this lucky ball. Use
this lucky ball. Use this lucky Ball. Test after test, after test, after test, group
two perform better. Group two, had more accuracy. Group two had had a better game
why? Believe. Now, was the ball really lucky?
No! They just randomly got a ball and just said lucky ball. Am I
mean making sense to you ? See, it’s just belief. Can you poke somebody in the
shoulder and say, “You’re powerful” It’s not the superstition, it’s you! you
were the one that gives it power through your belief! A I making sense to you?
You know those superstitions. You know in the funeral, you’re
supposed to carry the baby over the coffin because if you don’t someone’s
gonna, I mean. Well, if you believe that but no you don’t have to do those things!
Am I making sense to you? Here’s the thing. Two
approaches to superstitions. One is, demonizing everything. The other
approach is, discerning everything. I disagree with demonizing everything. Ask
me why. If you demonize all superstitions and reject it because they’re all
created by the devil, do you know what you’re doing? You’re creating a devil
paranoia. Devil paranoia is glorifying the devil instead of
glorifying God. He is not as powerful as that! In fact, what I believe is this. You
need to discern. Can I tell you a story? Many many years ago, a woman came up to
me and she said, “Brother Bo, can you help me? You know in the house and my
family, my kids are so rebellious. They don’t want to follow. They’re so
disobedient, and then the second thing my husband and I we’ve been fighting and
fighting and fighting. You know what I did Brother Bo? I went to my
prayer group leader, and I told her all these stories, and I was crying to her,
and she told me this sister, “Let’s go to your house. Maybe some of the objects in
your house are infested by the devil. Maybe they’re demons in your house.” And
so she went to my house and she did a cleansing and she saw Buddha’s statues
in my house Brother Bo. I collect Buddhas because I go to
different countries, and I bring souvenirs. My prayer group leader saw
the Buddhas and she said, “Burn them! They’re demons inside.” And then she saw
you know Brother Bo. You know those jars? And sometimes they
have dragons you know because We’re a little you know. We have we have
Chinese blood, and I like those dragons. Our leaders saw the jars.
She said, “throw them away! Do you not know that dragons symbolize the devil?” And
then she saw Harry Potter books, and she said, “That’s witchcraft! Throw them away!
Burn them! No wonder, your children are rebellious! No wonder, you know you’re
fighting with your husband!” And then she saw the toys of my boy.
Brother Bo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. She told me to throw them away and then
she saw the toys of my daughter. Care Bear! Brother, but I could not understand
why it was evil. She explained to me. My prayer group leader. She said, “That you
know this is all humanistic you know. Jesus must be your only power and
and these Care Bears, they you know, express feelings of love and
they have magic. Throw them away! And so she told me and she asked me this
question, “Brother Bo, What do you think of this cleansing that my prayer
group leader did to my house?” You know, I told her this. I’m gonna tell this to you.
Now, if anything in your house makes you uncomfortable, go ahead if you want to.
Get rid of it. It’s fine if it makes you uncomfortable. But here’s my point, it is
so easy to look for objects. Presence of objects that you think is evil and the
reason why you’re having these problems in your family. Me? I would rather look
for the presence of pride, and bitterness, and selfishness in your heart and in
your home. It is so easy to blame why your kids are rebellious on a Harry
Potter book, on a jar with a dragon on its side. Hello? Which is more difficult
to do? Everybody say I’m listening. Is it more? Why if I invert the
question, which is easier to do ? To throw away a Buddha or to go to your
rebellious kids and say, “You know son. Maybe I’ve been too harsh on you but
I’m gonna humble myself right now, and ask for forgiveness if I have been too
harsh on you. From now on, I want to listen to you more and be more patient.”
Which is easier to do? Humble yourself or just throw away a Buddha or a Care Bear
toy? Are you are you listening to what I’m saying? It’s so easy to blame
whatever is happening to you. I’m gonna say this again, which
is easier to do? To throw away a I don’t know, what Lord of the Rings toy which is
supposed to be they say, witchcraft or to be more patient with your husband? So,
that you won’t fight as much. Which is easier? No answer. Which is easier to
throw away objects, and to blame whatever happening in your life on objects. You
know what guys, can I share with you something that’s very very important for
you to understand. Everybody say, I’m listening!
Signs are powerful but science on their own, have no power!
It is the significance behind the sign that has power.
Everybody say, significance. And where the significance come from? Me and you. it’s
your meaning your intention your significance that gives a sign its power
so when my kids and I, when we watch Harry Potter. We’re okay because for us
there’s no meaning in that thing. There was an exorcist that went to a
friend’s house and and he saw and he had the right perspective.
Thanks be to God. He had the right perspective. He’s saw a Buddhas
in the house of my friend, and he had a very simple question. He said, “Are this
decor or do you worship this thing?” and my friend said, “Oh they’re just decor.”
“Okay, good.” and they walked off. That’s the right perspective. Am I making sense?
The signs don’t have power. It’s the significance behind the sign. Your words,
they are signs. Every single word you say, is a sign representing something. And
depending on where you come from, a word, can have signs, can have two
significance, and two meanings. I was in Bohol one time, many years ago, and
we were preparing for a prayer rally. I was doing an ocular on the site you
know. The evening was their prayer rally, and I was kind of like
confused just looking at this. And you know, there’s not enough
lights, and I didn’t know whether the audio system was big enough. And so it
was still empty, and my staff were there and just working. And I was
on stage actually just just wondering how we could prepare the prayer
rally and then a woman comes up to me and she asked me a question that I’ll
never forget. She said, “Brother Bo, nilibog ka?” You know there was this awkward silence.
I would I froze and I kind of like mumbled my answer, because I didn’t know
how to answer it. I said “Well sometimes I have impure thoughts but okay most of
the time, you know.” Until finally, someone told me that the word nilibog in
Tagalog was horny but in their language, was just confused. I said, “Oh!” So, one word,
two meanings. That’s my example that sometimes when you have. Listened to me,
listen to me. A few weeks ago, it came out in Facebook, that there is such a thing
as satanic rosaries. How many of you read that or watched about that? And
you’re supposed to throw them away because they saw that, and how do you
know if the rosary was satanic? They said that you look at the crucifix, a plastic
crucifix. If there’s the snake and then if there is a pentagram, and if there is
Sun with rays around it . It is satanic. Why? Because all snake representing the
devil. Pentagram? That’s what the occultists use. Sun with rays? Oh but
that’s the sign of the Illuminati and so throw it away! Burn them! And you know
when I read that, I scratched my head. I said, “Signs are empty containers.” And it’s
up to you to put what meaning you wanna put to those signs. There is no sign
that’s intrinsically evil. Can I explain? Snake, in the book of Genesis, it’s true!
The snake represented the devil but a few chapters later in the Bible, you’ve
got a point there in when the Israelites were bitten by snakes. And
what did God tell Moses? Raise up a snake so that anyone who looks at the
bronze snake, will be healed. And isn’t that the modern symbol of modern
medicine? Yes or no? So, is the snake a symbol
that’s bad or good? It depends on your meaning. Pentagram,
yes it’s true that occultists, Satanists would use the pentagram as a symbol of
Satan. Why? Because they would super impose the face of a goat which was a symbol of
the devil to them. Five points- two horns, two pointy ears, and one pointed chin.
Five, pentagram! But, if you go to Catholic churches in Europe, the older ones. You
will find on their walls, the pentagram! All the walls of Catholic churches! Why?
Because the pentagram was a symbol of the five wounds of Jesus. So in fact, they
used it when they wanted to battle against the enemy. They will use the
pentagram. So, tell me, is the pentagram good or bad? It’s a sign. The significance
is the one that makes it good or bad. And the significant comes from
from you, from us. You know what? The Sun with a rays. Yes it’s true! Sign of the
Illuminati, but please go to any Catholic Church. Open the tabernacle, get the
monstrance out. The monstrance where you put the Blessed Sacrament. Can you look
the shape of that monstrance? The Sun with Rays! Is it good? Is it bad? It’s up
to you! So, here’s my point. Just because a symbol is Catholic or non Catholic, your
meaning comes in. Can I give you another example? How many of you know of chain
letters? Now, chain letters. Listen to me. Some of
us accept it. Why? Ask me why. Because the sign is very Catholic. I received this
chain letter. Pray this prayer to the Our Lady of Guadalupe. Very
Catholic. Send this prayer to 9 people in the next 9 days. If you do, good things
will happen to you. If you don’t, bad things will will happen to you.
Remy Reyes sent this prayer to 9 people in the next 9 days. And the next day, she
was promoted in her job. She won 10 Million Pesos in the lotto, and she
became the girlfriend of Piolo Pascual. Sally Santos did not do
anything. Did not follow the instructions. The next day, she fell in a manhole. Three
days later, they recovered her body eaten by the piranhas.
I’m just exaggerating but you know the drift.
Now some people read this chain letter and accept this as Catholic because
there is the words there Our Lady of Guadalupe and they say oh this comes
from the Lord. Now who are the nine people I will send this to? That is not
from the Lord. God never operates in that way and what you do? Delete. It’s very scary. No , delete. You know why? That’s not from
God. God will not do that. God will not, If you don’t do this, if you don’t do…I
mean hello? Am I making sense to you? Here’s our problem, the reason I
think and I believe why we reject automatically all sorts of things that
we don’t understand, you know.I meet Christians where if they see an
odd-looking artwork from Africa, or from Thailand or
from native Indians, from America, they will automatically say, “Oh there might be
demons there. Throw that away. Throw that away.” But you know what? That’s
juvenile thinking. You confuse your Christ with your culture. The moment you
confuse your Christ with your culture, you will reject other symbols from other
cultures. And human tendency is this, we fear what we do not understand. Are you
listening to what I’m saying? Can I give you a little bit of history? Why don’t we? For
example, I really thank God for being Catholic. Because there is
something, we were the oldest church. 2,000 years so we’ve made a lot of
mistakes, but we’ve learned from them. Thanks be to God!
Can I give you an example? Feng Shui You familiar with feng shui? Ok. I want
you to know that many people don’t understand feng shui because it’s not
from our culture. And so some people would say, that’s not the devil. Get rid
of it! But what if you’re Chinese? Are there Chinese people here? Feng shui is
not all superstition. Yes there are some superstitions practices in feng shui and
that’s what you reject. But fwng shui is not all superstition. It’s a
philosophical system harmonizing the environment. Question, in the book of
Genesis, does it also teach you to respect creation? Isn’t that what? Isn’t
the same? Or Feng Shui teaches you to have a clean house so that the energy
will flow around your house. Clean house but wait a minute, my mom told me that.
Clean your room. This is that common sense? And and why won’t you agree with
that? Am I making sense to you? Here’s another. Chinese venerate
their dead. They do and for many Christian leaders,
that’s demonic. Outright! Reject! That’s a necromancy.
Talking to the dead. That’s against the Bible. I want to thank God. This is where
I want to thank God I’m Catholic because we’ve gone through all sorts of mistakes
over the past years. In 1538, there was a Jesuit priest, a missionary
by the name of Matteo Ricci. And he went to China and he was the first
missionary that really immersed himself in a Chinese culture, and learned
and became an expert in the Chinese language. The first. One of the first ones
and he started converting Chinese to become Christians. And he was so accepted
because he spoke their language, and he knew their culture. He became, get this,
an adviser to the Chinese emperor. Incredible! And when the Chinese were
becoming Catholics, this is what he did He noticed. that they had, they had, they
were venerating the dead. And what he did was he studied it and you know but he
found out? He said, “It’s okay. they’re honoring their father and their mother.”
That’s part of.. that’s in the Bible. It’s in the 10 commandments- honor your father
and your mother. So no, they’re not talking to the devil.
They’re not talking to their ancestors! They’re just honoring
their parents and their grandparents and and so he allowed them
to do it but the Franciscans and the Dominicans. Matteo was a Jesuit. So, the
Franciscans and Dominicans, saw that. They didn’t like that. They told the Vatican
what Matteo Ricci was doing and what they did was. Vatican talked about it, and
they decreed and told father Matteo Ricci, Catholic-Chinese should not
venerate the dead. Prohibit them. After some time , the Chinese expelled all the
missionaries from the country and at that point the church did not grow . 400
years later, Pope Pius the 12th said, “Catholic Chinese, you can now venerate
the dead . It’s okay. You’re just honoring your parents.” 400
years later. Sometimes, it takes a long time for
the church to know it made a mistake right? But that’s that’s my point. Right
now, that I believe this with all my heart.
When you.. when you’re quick to judge, you’re expressing more your fear than
your faith. And I have a problem with fear because I’m gonna talk about this
next Sunday. Fear is where the devil gets his power. And I will encourage you today
to have faith. Can I invite you to stand up? I’m gonna read some scripture for you
and I’m gonna be reading Proverbs chapter 3. Let’s read together, everybody!
Say, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,and do not lean on your own
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make
straight your paths.” Tell somebody beside you ,touch him, touch her, “Trust in the
Lord.” You know what? God is enough for me. I don’t need
superstition. I don’t need the horoscope. Why? God is enough for me . You know what
the horoscope tells me? Horoscope says I’m lucky today. I’m not very lucky
tomorrow. I might be very very lucky next week. I’m not gonna be lucky next next
week. That’s what the horoscope tells me. Do you know what God tells me? I’m lucky
every day.Because the Bible says, “This is the day that the Lord has made. I shall rejoice and be
glad in it.” That’s what the Bible says. I don’t need any amulet to protect me. I
don’t. Why? I am a walking, talking breathing, Temple of the Holy Spirit. The
Living God dwells in me. The Almighty God. The beginning at the end. The King of
Kings and the Lord of lords dwells within me wherever I go. Why? Because God is in me. Now, listen.
Catholics! Are you Catholic? Your rosary, your st. Benedict medal, your Bible your
miraculous medal, they’re not amulets. They’re not! All of these objects remind
you that God is enough. One tiny story. Can I tell you one
tiny story? Every morning I wake up and I expect to be blessed. I really do ,I mean
every morning I wake up and say, God’s gonna bless me. Why? God loves me and
I’m a child of God. No need for superstition. No need for horoscope. Just
I believe and I’ve have a tiny story to share with you. I was.. last July, we
celebrated my 19th anniversary with my wife and but we were on mission. We were
busy and doing all sorts of work so I told her , “You know sweetheart, we’re gonna
celebrate our anniversary maybe three months from now. Bring you somewhere and
we’ll just spend time together.” So, it’s cheap a bit cheaper now to go to Bali
because there’s a straight flight so I booked a flight. And I was excited to go
there this is what happened. In July I met a Balinese guy by chance, he came
from Bali. Balinese-bali. Didn’t know me. I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me but
by chance we met and we chatted a bit. Maybe for 5-10 minutes and then
I said this, “I’m going to Bali with my wife. You know, and then in September”
and he said, “My family owns a resort there. Why don’t you go there? I’ll give
you a good price”. and I said, “Yeah that’s great! That sounds great!
So that’s it!” My wife and I went there you know. The moment we arrived in the
resort, we got scared. Ask me why. Five star. Oh gosh. Can we afford this?
My wife said, “Did you see how much this is?”
I said, “No. Let’s look”. So, we went to the website, $450 per night! So that’s
about twenty-two thousand pesos per night. We’re gonna stay there for five
days and so but I told her. You know my wife said, “Oh no! That’s so
expensive”. I said, “No no no he told me, the owner told me he’s gonna give us a good
price”. On the fifth day, when we checked out, I said, “Can you give us the
bill?”. So, the piece of paper was chugging out of the printer and she gave
it to me. I looked at the piece of paper, do you know how much my bill was? Zero! I texted the owner, and I said, “They don’t
want me to pay. Your people here, don’t want me to pay”. And you know he texted me
three words. He said, “Family don’t pay”. It’s really funny because he didn’t
know me ,I didn’t know him, we’re not family, but I’m God’s family. And the
point I’m driving at is if you know these things, they happen to me
they happen to me many times. Why? Because when I wake up, I say, “God,I expect to be
blessed”. Blessings are chasing. It’s all about belief. Do you believe ?
Now some of us, we believe that bad things will happen to us. You know what by the
way, I have problems too. Problems happen all the time. While it’s normal to have
problems yes? but I believe that my blessings will outnumber my problems. I
believe in that. I believe my problems your superstition has no power. It’s your
belief that has power. You are powerful. I want you to put your hand over your
chest. Everybody say, “Father you are enough for
me. I do not need superstition Your love for me is enough
and I thank you that blessings are chasing. I believe
and I trust you. Amen. There’s power when people come together.
There is power especially, when people come together, praying together, like you
and I . We’re praying for our country we’re praying for the city, we’re praying
for the world.Hey, let’s not just pray. Let’s do stuff together like this
program. I want you to help me. I want you to hold my hand and I want you to say, “Bo,
I’m with you on this.” If you become my partner, we will start giving you a
truckload of material to help your spiritual growth. Example, for any amount
whatsoever I’m gonna give you talk one of the
series that we’re taking right now Angels and Demons and for 2,000 pesos or
more, as a gift to this Ministry, I will not give you only one talk but the entire series of Angels
and Demons plus I want to send you my best-selling book, How to turn Thoughts
into Things. Powerful book for you and your family. And the contact details are
on the screen. Kust tell me that, you know I want to be your partner, and think
about giving a monthly gift to the ministry.So, we can continue this work of
blessing people,changing lives, reuniting families. blessing the world. Thank you so
much this is Bo Sanchez here in Kerygma TV Live a fantastic life! you


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